What are the bitcoin games?

In the world of digital technologies, every user of a cryptocurrency wallet with a successful pool of ever-growing bitcoins or other less-known virtual money is always looking for convenient investment platforms, or just for entertainment. In this regard, bitcoin games sites are gaining more and more popularity, offering to try their luck for gamblers after betting in cryptocurrencies. 

What are the bitcoin games?

Bitcoin games are a form of gambling where users can place bets and collect winnings during the game in cryptocurrency – BTC, TRX, or other types of digital money.

These platforms are developed with the assistance of and under pre-signed contracts with the most famous cryptocurrency exchanges, where millions of users have accounts and electronic wallets for their savings.

Why are bitcoin games so popular today?

Bitcoin games are very popular nowadays, and the number of such platforms in the world is only growing for the following reasons:

  •         Growth in the number of cryptocurrency holders.
  •         Rapid integration of various platforms that offer gaming services on exchanges with the installation of quick buttons for clicking on links.
  •         The rise in the rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies attracts more and more users around the world.
  •         No need to buy digital money or make transactions with higher fees and lose big amounts on exchange rate differences.

Experts predict an unprecedented growth of online gambling platforms that accept cryptocurrency for payment, in direct proportion to the development of digital investments.

Types of the bitcoin games

The set of bitcoin games is not much different from the assortment offered by classic casinos that have long been operating in the digital technology market:

  •         Classic games – roulette, slots, video poker, blackjack, and other most popular casino applications.
  •         Analogs of instant lotteries, where users are asked to find a pair of numbers or a lucky combination.
  •         Sports betting, is in strict accordance with the rules of betting when organizing professional bookmakers.
  •         Other types of games are individually developed by various operators to attract a larger number of participants of different genders, nationalities, and ages.

It should be noted that licensed platforms with the highest ratings rarely offer users any special exclusive games since they don’t need to attract customers with flashy advertisements – they initially have the highest trust index.

Benefits of the bitcoin games

The attractiveness of bitcoin games among the holders of cryptocurrency pools is due to the presence of the following important advantages:

  •         The main advantage is the complete transparency of the game. Most of the reputable and licensed gambling sites that deal with digital currencies use provably fair casino technology. Each player can check the winnings of previous games online, which will provide confidence in the randomness of lucky combinations.
  •         Transaction security – decentralized blockchain technology encodes each transaction with random codes, which excludes hacker attacks and forced withdrawals of money from users’ accounts by third parties.
  •         Fast payment of rewards – unlike classic gambling platforms, winnings are paid not to cards, but to electronic wallets, and users don’t have to wait 3 – 5 business days before transferring.
  •         More sites offer anonymity. In classic casinos, people need to enter all the data and attach the ID scan, which not everyone wants to do since any personal data can be suddenly stolen by intruders. In bitcoin games, this is excluded, and most of the platforms require players to either have a nickname or a minimum amount of information about themselves.
  •         Flexibility in the payout of winnings – a person can withdraw almost any amount that he won during the game. In turn, the operator cannot take part in the adjustment of the amounts won, which significantly increases the confidence of users.
  •         The last but very important unspoken advantage, about which many advanced users prefer to remain silent is the weak control of profitability by the tax authorities. At the same time, operators and developers often warn users that all tax burdens and responsibility for their non-payment are fixed behind the players.

Before choosing a reliable platform and registering an account, players are advised to study the ratings and user reviews about the system on independent authoritative sources. This is due to the presence of a large number of scammers in this area.

The future of the bitcoin games

Professional developers and experts with many years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency markets predict the growth of bitcoin gambling. Soon, most of humanity will have electronic wallets with a certain amount of cryptocurrency savings, which, no doubt, will oblige developers to issue more and more payment systems for transactions with them.

Many users often ask the question – is bitcoin gaming legal? It’s almost impossible to answer it definitively. Indeed, many jurisdictions in the Middle East restrict gambling, but they also don’t allow the free circulation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This means that cryptocurrency platforms are not playing with real money. At the same time, officially registered and licensed online gambling sites operate in these economic zones, where such detail is regulated by law and not prohibited.

Thus, small tricks allow developers to exist quite legally and don’t subject users to unnecessary stress from checks by the authorities with the risk of blocking their accounts and losing money.

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