What Is an Approved Used Car?

 Quality, price, mileage, and vehicle condition are just some of the factors that distinguish a used car from an approved used car. While most buyers may use price as a negating attribute, the quality of the vehicle should supersede this.


Most independent car dealers stock used cars while franchised dealerships like the Sandown-group sell the approved used cars. Used vehicles may be attractive because of great bargains, but they do come with higher mileage, more extended history, and unguaranteed condition.


For a vehicle to be labeled as approved, it has to be tried and tested to meet the required levels of reliability, standard, assurance, and quality. Such measures are not determined by the dealers but stipulated by the car manufacturers. With such quality checks in place, customers get great deals of their desired brands without having to haggle and being indecisive.


Who Stocks Approved Used Cars?


Luxury car brand leading distributors such as the Sandown Mercedes Basingstoke stock the approved used cars. They offer a range of approved Mercedes-Benz vehicles with extensive warranties. You can, therefore, ditch the classifieds and check them out.


You can also get them at all main vehicle manufacturers. Although the term used may vary, the packages offered are quite similar.


How Do Manufacturers/ Dealers Decide on Approved Used Cars?


For purposes of marketing their vehicles, manufacturers give employees company cars which are then recalled after a few months and marked approved while they get new ones. Such company-car policies are also synonymous with the main dealerships sales scheme.


Vehicles designated for test drives can also be reconditioned and sold as approved cars. Others become approved used cars by simply replacing some of their car parts with used ones usually brought in by a client who wants some genuine new parts for their used car.


Financed cars that have been recalled after two years due to payment defaults or dismissal of some requirements in the loan agreement are also sold as approved vehicles.


What Is in an Approved Used Package?


For those nervous about a car purchase, an approved package has got you covered. These vehicles have a complete and detailed service record, are less than three years, previous owners are less than two, and they have low mileage.


However, some select car models are more than three years old but still approved. This is because of their rarity, and ownership is by a single person only. All approved cars must meet the manufacturer’s set standards for age, mileage, and ownership. Any inconsistencies realized at this screening process should be dealt with before the vehicle is put up on sale.

The history records will show whether there were previous insurance claims or there is still some loan deficit. Any functional or physical damage must be corrected as per pristine standards to appear as if they are new.


Approved used cars come as an intermediary of new and used vehicles, making it easier for buyers cautious of their spending and doubtful of buying a new car.

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