What you need to know about a Bachelor of Arts in Singapore

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is an undergraduate academic degree awarded for completed courses that generally last three to four years. In Singapore, the Bachelor of Arts degree is offered by several universities, including the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and Singapore Management University (SMU).

This degree allows students to pursue a wide range of disciplines in the arts and humanities. Students can choose from various majors, such as business, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, information systems management, law, and social sciences. The Bachelor of Arts degree also provides students with strong critical thinking and communication skills. It is also beneficial for careers in various industries.

In addition to studying a specific subject, students are also expected to take general education courses in the arts and sciences. These include courses in humanities, behavioral science, social science, physical and biological sciences, and mathematics. The university may require students to take the fourth year of courses.

The degree course duration for each course is three years. The course is divided into three major components: academic core, electives, and liberal arts & general education.

For the academic core, students are required to take courses in pure sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology), social sciences (economics, psychology), or humanities (English literature). Each student must complete the number of units for the academic core that may vary across universities.

For the electives, students have to choose from a range of courses in business, accounting, finance, marketing, or information systems management. They can also choose from other courses in the arts and humanities, such as creative writing, history, or philosophy. The number of units each student must complete for the electives may vary across universities.

The liberal arts & general education component you need to take depends on your chosen major and university requirements. Most students in Singapore would take courses such as languages, moral studies, or social sciences like psychology or sociology in this component. Some majors, such as law and philosophy, require all students to take specific courses in this component. To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree, students must usually complete at least 120 units of courses. However, some universities may require more units. Students must also meet the university’s graduation requirements, which may include passing all courses with a certain grade or fulfilling specific course requirements, such as minimum GPAs or completing an undergraduate thesis.

For the career opportunities, a bachelor of arts degree in Singapore can help you get entry-level jobs if your major is high paying. Jobs are available in management consulting, the media, non-profit organizations, and various other businesses.

Bottom line

A degree in bachelor of arts can provide students with a strong foundation in the arts and humanities and critical thinking and communication skills. These skills can be beneficial for careers in a variety of industries. Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree should research the universities in Singapore that offer this degree and review the course curriculum to see if the degree will suit their career goals.

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