What You Need to Know about Email AI

Humans make decisions based on intuition all of the time. These decisions can warn us of danger or direct us toward something that is beneficial. However, making email marketing decisions based on intuition will often lead to less than desirable results.

Email Artificial Intelligence Takes The Guesswork Out Of Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence technology can make machines even more intelligent. For example, there are programs designed to house email workflows. They send emails to the right person at the right time based on branching logic. There is similar software for social media.

However, in both scenarios, humans are telling the machines what rules to follow and how to react when certain criteria are met. AI allows machines to learn and get smarter on their own. This process is referred to as “machine learning.”

With machine learning, computers can take in large amounts of data to make decisions and recommendations. As the machine learns, the decisions and recommendations it makes improve. If the machine makes a mistake, it will learn from the mistake.

AI can make accurate predictions faster than humans. It can give recommendations that go beyond Smart Reply or Smart Compose features found in your Gmail inbox.

How Email AI Helps Companies Write Better Subject Lines

Natural language generation is a subset of AI that can write the language. AI needs to be trained using a large amount of data. But once the training is complete, it can create narratives for a variety of purposes, including email subject lines.

AI can draw on all the essential data available on a topic and then use this to create the best subject line. This includes things like subject lines that express the right sentiment, use the right word choice, and even include emojis. This can be done accurately and on a large scale.

There are AI technologies that can write email subject lines so well that it can do it better than a human 98 percent of the time. It takes an existing copy to get a feel for the company’s brand and its voice. Then it creates natural language generation subject lines. Natural language processing is used to make sure that the language generated produces the right sentiment. This allows marketers to produce better subject lines and gain more openings than any human could on their own.

Improve Email Timing Calibration and Increase Engagement

Email marketers will usually test a combination of images, email subject lines, and email body content to determine what email will perform best for a specific audience. This is a tedious process that takes a lot of time.

Email artificial intelligence improves the process by generating content quickly and can bring results in both conversions and revenue. Using AI eliminates the testing time. This allows a marketing team to have more combinations of messaging elements to use on a wider range of people.

Since email AI can analyze large sets of data, you avoid bombarding subscribers with a bunch of generic emails. Your emails can stand out from the clutter because the AI personalizes them to each individual.

Email timing calibration is key to the success of your email marketing campaign. If you send subscribers too many emails, they are going to opt-out. If you send only a few, your competition will overwhelm you. AI removes the guesswork and determines the right amount of emails to send and the right time to send them based on your subscriber’s active history. AI technology takes into consideration time zones and monitors the habits of your subscribers.

Sending emails is an important part of digital marketing since it is a direct approach that is cost-effective. Artificial intelligence is making email marketing more powerful than ever. It can lead to higher conversions and improved personalization.

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