What You Need to Know About the Mangalsutra and Hindu Tradition

Mangalsutra and Hindu Tradition
Mangalsutra and Hindu Tradition, Credits: Unsplash

In every religion and culture, there are some traditions that have been around for hundreds of years. Indeed, they become very special and everyone in the family wants to follow them to feel close to their beliefs. In addition, it can make other members of the family very proud to see traditions continue.

There are many traditions that are followed by Hindus. One of them surrounds the Mangasultra. If you are new to this, here is a useful guide that can allow you to understand what happens in Hindu culture.

What is the Mangalsutra?

First of all, let’s start off by discussing what the Mangalsutra is. This is an important necklace in Hindu tradition, which is worn around the neck of a woman to show her marital status. Indeed, it is worn to show others that she is in a happy marriage and it is placed on her by her husband. Traditionally, it is tied around the neck as a custom. This is along with other pieces, such as a nose ring, toe rings, KumKum and bangles. But, the Mangalsutra is the sacred threat that is classed as the most significant. It indicates the union of the husband and wife.

Again, note that in Hindu tradition, only a woman that is married is going to wear this necklace. Indeed, it is part of the ceremony, which means that a single woman would not wear the mangal sutra. Generally, it is said that the pendant on the Mangalsutra should be level with the heart Chakra.

What Does the Mangalsutra Look Like?

Traditionally, the Mangalsutra has adorned with gold and black beads. Often, there is a pendant in the centre of the necklace. While there are some women that like to stick to tradition, there are many that want to choose fashionable and modern Mangalsutra necklaces to wear. For a beautiful gold Mangalsutra chain, shop at Queen of Hearts. There are modest designs that are made from 22-karat gold, as well as some more elaborate and trendy styles that women love.

Over the years, some people have relaxed with the Mangalsutra and how it is worn. For example, there are some women that choose not to wear it as a necklace. Instead, they wear it as a bracelet. This can be done because they believe it looks better or they feel it is more practical for their lifestyle.

Note that if the Mangalsutra breaks, this does not signify the end of a marriage or bad luck. Simply, the necklace has broken, and tradition says that this does not have any significance or meaning behind it. Therefore, a couple does not have to worry if the necklace breaks at any point.

What Does the Mangalsutra Symbolize?

The Mangalsutra is worn during marriage and it is there to show the love between the husband and wife. They are married and joined as souls. In addition, it is said that when the wife wears the mangalsutra, they are going to be safeguarded in their marriage and protected from any of the evil in the world.

But, it is not just the marriage that this necklace is there to protect. It is also said that when the wife wears this, she is protecting her husband’s life too. Indeed, there is a belief that when a person wears gold, there can be health benefits, including for the heart. So, a woman is protected, as well as caring for her husband. In Hindu tradition, in order for this to be true, the wife has to wear the mangalsutra throughout her life.

Does the Mangalsutra Pendant Matter?

On many designs, you will see that there is a pendant included on the mangalsutra. You might be wondering whether this is a modern adaptation and whether it is really that important. Well, for a lot of people, this is an important part of the necklace. So, you have the two strings of the necklace, as well as the pendant. In particular, the pendant that is preferred is one with two cups.

However, some people do not believe the type of pendant you have really matters. So, this can end up being a personal preference. In some cases, the pendant can be decided on by your family or caste. So, this is something that a husband and wife will decide on before the wedding. It is possible to buy modern Mangalsutra necklaces without a pendant at all. Thus, it will depend on how much the family want to follow tradition and if they have any preferences.

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