Whatsapp Funny Jokes – Hilarious, Comedy jokes for Whatsapp

By | April 17, 2017

Whatsapp Funny Jokes:

Laughter is the best medicine to have. Enjoy reading some of the best whatsapp funny jokes that i compiled here. This list will be updated frequently so stay tuned to this page…

Funny Whatsapp Jokes 2016

Funny Whatsapp Jokes 2016

  • If A Girl says : ” I Don’t
    Shopping” !!
    Then Marry Her !! .. 😀
  • I don’t always study. But
    when I do,
    I Make sure my parents notice.
  • Don’t break anybody’s
    heart, they have only one.
    Break their bones, they
    have 206.
  • Wife : I saw in my dream
    that u were buying a
    diamond ring for me.
    Husband : I saw ur dad paying
    the bill..

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  • Newly married girl after having Honeymoon in
    Swiss and London.
    Friend : What have you seen in all those
    places??Girl : Only “Celiing Fan” 😉
  • Boy: Our principal is so stupid.
    Girl: Don’t you know who i am?
    Boy: No
    Girl: I’m the principal’s daaughter.
    Boy: Do you know who i am?
    Girl: No.
    Boy: Good(walks away)
  • While taking the interview the
    Employer asked the candidate,
    Employer: “How long did you work
    during your last job”
    Candidate: 30 years.
    Employer: What’s your age?
    Candidate: 20 years.
    The Employer was surprised and asked
    the candidate that how it is possible
    that you are 20 and have a experience
    of 30 years.
    Candidate: Overtime.
  • A Man can
    Achieve success
    if he tries
    hard..A Women can
    achieve success
    if she cries
    Something which comes
    at 2G SPEED and
    goes away at
    4G SPEED.
  • How The Word
    Was Invented
    They took the first two
    and last two letters of
  • IF Love is Blind
    And Marriage is an
    THEN Divorce wud surely be a
    CHAMPAGNE Bottle Opener.
  • Teacher : Why are you late, Johny?
    Johny: Because of a sign down the road.Teacher: What does a sign have to do with your being late?
    Johny: The sign said, “Scholl Ahead,Go Slow!”
  • A thief broke into
    my house last
    night.. He started
    searching for
    money so i woke
    up and searched
    with him.
  • Interviewer: Why did u leave
    ur last job?
    Candiadate: The Company
    shifted their office &
    Didn’t tell me where it


whatsapp funny jokes relationship

whatsapp funny jokes relationship

  • Husband: can u be the moon of my life?
    Wife: Awww yes Sweetheart..!Husband: Great! then
    Stay 9,955,887.6 kms away from Me..!!
  • Dad: I want you to marry a girl of my choice.
    Son: No!
    Dad: The girl is Bill Gate’s daughter.
    ..Son: Then okay.
    Dad goes to Bill Gates.
    ..Dad:I want your daughter to marry my son.
    Bill Gates:No!
    Dad: My son is the CEO of World Bank.
    Bill Gates: Then okay.
    Dad goes to the president of World Bank.
    Dad: Appoint my son as CEO.
    Dad: He is the son-in-law of Bill Gates.
    President: Then ok.
    This is BUSINESS
  • Once, a magazine posted that,”50%
    of women are idiot!!”But the women made some serious
    complains about this..!!So,they reposted it saying “50% of
    women are intelligent..!!”And then the situation came under
  • Teacher: How
    can we keep our school clean?Student: By
    Staying At Home. 😛
    If money ever grew on tress
    Girls wouldn’t mind dating with
  • Dollar Has Increased to 65 INR
    Milk Has Increased to 40 INR
    Petrol Has increased to 72 INRThank God…
    Passing Marks are still 36.
  • Girl: WHich laptop do u have..?
    Boy: I have a HP G-62 ith
    intel core i3 Processor 2.3 Ghz,
    Windows 7,64 Bit.. 2GB RAM & Intel
    1GB Graphics Card..
    ANd Which Laptop Do U have..?Girl: Grey colour Laptop.

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