How to Use WhatsApp without Phone Number,SIM card | Android/iPhone

By | April 17, 2017

Did you know,that you can use WhatsApp without Phone Number or SIM card? yes, we can use whatsApp on devices like iPad, iPod which are having No SIM card.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging and chat application. Almost everyone who is having a smart phone having WhatsApp app on their phones. After the Facebook acquistion, WhatsApp team has released so many awesome features like voice calling,text messages and so on. ok. Enough, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the article.

whatsapp Without phone Number

Whatsapp Without phone Number, SIM Card

We have two methods with you can register with whatsApp without using your original number. These tricks works for all the smartphones like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and BlackBerry.

Activate WhatsApp without phone Number using : is a unified messaging system that channels your free voicemail and fax messages directly to your e-mail. Open up your browser and type , and click on sign up and give your basic details.

whatsapp without phone number

whatsapp install using k7

After successful sign up you will getting an e-mail with a unique Canada Number. Keep that number to use in the upcoming steps.

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Follow below steps to use whatsApp without phone number using k7

Step #1: Download WhatsApp from Play Store or App Store whichever phone you are using respectively.

Step #2: Click agree and continue. Then it will ask you to enter your Phone Number.

Step #3: In the phone number field, enter the number which you have got from k7. Select country code as Canada as you are having a Canada number with you.

Step #4: wait for five minutes as this process doesn’t complete automatically. you will be receiving a voice mail in your e-Mail.Listen to that and enter the code in verification.

whatsapp without phone number-k7-1


That’s it now you can use WhatsApp on your phone without using your original number.Now you can make prank messages and jokes on your friends.

WhatsApp without Phone Number or SIM card using voxox :

To activate WhatsApp using this method you need to install voxox app on your phone.

How to install voxox Messaging app :

whatsapp without phone number using voxox

Step #1 : Go to Play Store and search for voxox and click on it

Step #2 : After successful installation,open voxox and click on Sign Me Up. Enter your original details along with your mobile number and click on sign up.

After the successful sign up you will see some tabs like messages, calls, contacts, status and more.whatsapp without phone number using voxox- 1

click on More tab. You will see a unique USA number. copy it somewhere. And now follow the same steps we have done with k7 , after receiving the unique phone number.

in both methods you can register with WhatsApp without phone number or SIM card.

Note : This trick is just to make prank messages and jokes on your friends. We don’t encourage spam and making some irritating messages. If you like to have your personal identity go with your original number.

I hope you liked the trick How to use WhatsApp without  phone Number or SIM card. If you have any problem report it in the comment section below.

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    1. nazia

      K7 is not giving singup option plz help me
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    I discovered your How To Use WhatsApp without Phone Number , SIM Card page . Thanks a bunch.


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