When To Use A Check Mark in Excel?

Excel is not quite complex but interesting. If you are one of them who always gets a headache about how to insert a check mark symbol in excel then we are going to share amazing tips to do it such as a piece of cake.

Significance Of A Check Mark –

Have you been contemplating the same when you should use a checkmark in Excel? Today, we are going to cover the same topic. To put it in simple words, a checkmark is all about saying YES which means that a given thing is done or accomplished. If you have a to-do list and you want to mark something as accomplished then you need to use this checkmark in excel.

Excel makes even the complicated calculation to do quite easily. There are varieties of formulas to turn calculation into quite smooth and simple tasks. Apart from using checkmarks, the IF function is also one of the most used ones. You must learn how to use them if function in excel so that you could evaluate values, text, and even mistakes. Moreover, multiple IF functions can also be run to get multiple comparisons.

How To Use Check Mark In Excel –

Let’s understand different ways of using checkmarks easily in Excel indeed. You must try these below-mentioned tips below to smooth your Excel-oriented working style.

  • The fact cannot be ignored that keyboard shortcuts work quite fast. You can quickly add a checkmark if you are aware of the keyboard shortcuts. What you need to know is the cell where you are supposed to add the symbol. In windows, you need to choose the desired cell where you want to add a checkmark. Then you need to press ALT (keep holding) + 0252. On Mac, you need to go with Option Key +0252.
  • If you are one of those who do not go with a checkmark generally, then you may just copy-paste it from your convenient place and insert it in the specific cell. It would not be an exaggeration that it is indeed a big-time saver. You would not need to go with any formula or shortcut. You just need to do copy and paste in the specific cell you want.
  • Did you ever check the Symbols option available in Excel? Yes, you may go ahead with that option and find out the checkmark. Choosing the checkmark from symbols is a brainy thing indeed. You may insert a symbol in a cell in a lovely way indeed. What you need to do is select the cell where you are supposed to add it. Once it is done then you need to go with the Insert Tab then Symbols and then Symbol. You will be having a window where you need to choose “winding” following the font dropdown. You need to type 252 in the character code box. By doing this, you will instantly have the checkmark symbol without locating it. Finally, you need to click on the “Insert ” button and close the window.
  • Do you know that you can also create a checkmark using the Autocorrect feature? We all know that Excel comes up with an option for correcting misspelled words. You need to press the File Tab and open the Excel options. Then you need to navigate to the “proofing” option and kick the “Autocorrect” option. Now, you will have a dialog box where you will have a “Replace” box. You can put it in the world you want to type and get it in the form of a checkmark symbol. Then you need to put the checkmark copied from any place in the WITH option. Now, you need to press OK.

Conclusion –

You may pick any of these suitable ways to add a checkmark in Excel. All of them are easy indeed.

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