Why do customers choose iMind?

In the world of communications in the 21st century, a new trend has formed and is actively developing – platforms that offer users online communication from different parts of the world. One of the most popular programs today is iMind – this system has many features facilitating communication in the field of business and distant work, as well as in the field of ordinary use. The success of this platform is confirmed by the thousands of positive reviews, which stand out from the clients and famous companies.

How does iMind attract customers?

 Every online platform has its secrets to success. The iMind is not an exception as its popularity is based on its wide functionality, availability, high-quality services and ability to satisfy all the desires of the clients:

  •  iMind is aimed at a wide range of users: ordinary clients, freelancers, remote workers, and small, medium, and big companies find in this program everything that makes working and communicating online efficient.
  • On this platform, the quality of business and personal communication is at a high-level thanks to the absence of restrictions during the meeting.  This feature sets iMind apart from other competitors in the market
  • Users can join a meeting within seconds: just click the link to enter the video conference.  Downloading the app is not necessary, because it is possible to use the platform in a browser on both Android and iOS. This accessibility facilitates and speeds up communication, which is very important for businesses and businesses to work efficiently
  • Since remote work and discussion of large-scale business projects online requires privacy, iMind meets the needs of customers. Instead of a permanent password, users receive one-time passwords to their email before logging in. There is also an opportunity for the organizer of the meeting to limit the number of participants in the video conference in order not to worry about unnecessary visitors.

These features of the iMind platform significantly improve ratings among other competitors on the market. Since all the advantages are shown in practice, customers positively describe the program functions and interface.

Advantages of the 4 pricing plans

 Another reason why the customers are satisfied with the iMind platform is the quality distribution into 4 service plans. Each of them is aimed at a different audience, which makes it easy to choose the best option for yourself:

  •  First plan: free. It is suitable for users who communicate with friends or use the platform for personal purposes. In this tariff plan you can organize meetings for 100 participants, give access to the screen and hold video conferences up to 4 hours.
  •  Second plan: Pro. This option is aimed at an audience of freelancers or small companies.  Here you can organize both group and separate rooms, conduct meetings for up to 24 hours, and get up to 99 licenses per account.
  •  The third plan: the Business Plan. It can be used by medium-sized companies and companies. To the previous options of 2 tariff plans this adds memory connection via WebDAV, no limits in video conferencing recording, 999 account licenses and other advantages.
  •  The last plan: Enterprise. This option is ideal for large enterprises because it offers additional branding, integration, cloud-based location and analytics systems.

With such a variety of tools, the iMind platform has an ever-increasing number of satisfied customers. Here everyone will find what they are looking for convenient communication.

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