Why do Individuals and Business Companies use Proxy Servers

Have you ever wondered why people use proxy servers? We all use them, but not many of us are aware of their use and benefits. Individuals and organizations around the globe install proxy servers to maintain their privacy while browsing the internet. That said, you will be astonished to know that many proxy servers in the market are purposely crafted to track the user’s activity. They also gather information instead of concealing their identities. If this rings serious alarms, don’t worry, we have you all covered. Check out Dusan’s favorite proxy servers and choose the one that is the best for you.

Some basic misconceptions are surrounding the use of proxy servers. For instance, people who never get the gist of the technology believe that a proxy server will keep them anonymous while they browse through all sorts of websites. Until you are an excellent hacker, there is no such thing as internet anonymity. Let this sink in first!

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a server that fetches your required websites for you while hiding your identity or IP address. Instead of disclosing your real IP address, the server will provide its own identity during those sites’ visits. Most proxy servers are accessible by the general public and allow them to surf websites without using their IP address. They also don’t collect information about their browser type and other header-related information. However, it would be foolish to believe that there are no links between you and that specific website you visit. It only means that the visited website isn’t receiving any information blocked by the proxy server. However, the underlying fact is that all information is being collected by the proxy servers and websites requests via their proxy.

What happens then? Well, in the end, the websites that you requested to visit through the proxy servers will not be able to detect your real IP address. This aspect can come off to some as anonymous web surfing. That said, the visited websites will only know the use of proxy servers, causing some sites to deny access. The one lesson to take home as a mediocre internet user is that there are no such things as internet anonymity. It doesn’t matter who told you that proxy servers would allow you to browse anonymously. Surprise! They were wrong.  

Why do Companies use Proxy Servers?

Not everyone has a thorough understanding of how a proxy server works and what its purposes are. Suppose you are like a regular internet user. In that case, there are chances that you might use proxy servers for watching certain content blocked in your country. Or, you might want to stay safe while opening a WiFi network. The thing about proxy servers is that they are so much more than that. This is why many businesses are effectively used for various functions that include but are not limited to security and improving the experience of customers. Let’s have a dig at the basic reasons why companies use proxy servers.

1)     Improving Corporate Security

All businesses worry about potential hackers. A data breach can cause more damage than one can imagine. The integration of the proxy server allows for better control of corporate security. Simultaneously, the chances of the data breach are reduced with an additional layer of protection. In this way, proxy servers also act as buffers to relay requests from alien computer networks.

2)     Check and Control Employee Internet Use

All companies need to ensure that their employees don’t access inappropriate websites through the company’s networks. This is why many companies run proxy servers on their internal systems. The proxy servers allow the administrators to control the accessibility of the device to a certain website. Undesirable content can also be blocked with ease. That said, illegal employee activity and security breaches can be easily monitored and even recorded.

3)     Faster Internet Speed

Another concept about proxy servers is that they keep accomplishing extra work in the background and slow down the internet. This is not true! Proxy servers can be effectively used to increase internet speed by compressing traffic and caching web pages and files accessed by multiple users. Proxy servers can also strip ads from certain websites. This is effective for bandwidth saving. Subsequently, employees can access the internet quicker and easier. 

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