Why is it best to pick up the appliance part in person?

The ice is melting in your freezer…

Milk is about to turn sour in the refrigerator…

Your microwave oven does not heat food anymore…

The washing machine dryer is not doing the job it was supposed to do…

If any of these situations have happened to you more than once, you should ask yourself this question:


Do I buy a new unit or fix this issue at hand?

Major home appliances can become a source of hefty expense, especially when they breakdown out of the blue. If the money amounts to a couple of thousand bucks, it can put a dent in your wallet.

Thus, appliance owners try all the tips at hand to extend the life of their machines by performing DIY repairs at home.

It is difficult to decide whether one should repair an appliance or buy a new one. However, some clear warnings signals help you make a final decision, such as:

  • Is it broken, and there is no way to fix it?
  • Does it still come under warranty?
  • Has it completed its average life span in your house (or was it a hand-me-down)?

If answers to all these questions lead to a decision for repair, then there are plenty of options. Hundreds of people perform repairs at home and extend the lives of their appliances by years.

DIY Whenever Possible

If you have decided to fix your broken appliances by yourself, then YouTube is full of helpful videos based on every particular brand and model. Websites and blogs break down every possible detail of fixing an appliance.

For example, there is a trick to know why your refrigerator’s ice-maker is not working. Rather than panicking, you can search online and find a community that faced similar issues and got repair advice.

People on these forums will tell you how to fix the problem. In some cases, you might need to change the parts of your appliance. So if your refrigerator’s light is not working or a knob came off the oven, you can simply buy a new one and repair it.

However, the catch to getting quality parts is to shop from a reliable dealer in your area. The Internet can help you find retailers and stockists of your appliance’s brand. A simple search on Google or Bing with Appliance parts store near me will provide a list of shops based in your area.

Why Picking Appliance Parts is A Good Idea?

Your first instinct would be to order the appliance part online. After all, it requires no effort. So, why go all the way to the store and pick it when you can get it delivered at your doorstep?

Your thoughts are valid, but your time is more valuable. Here are some reasons why buying a part in person is always a good idea:

You save time

Most people have busy schedules, and appliance breakdowns always come at ungodly hours. Many online shops stock their items around the state, and getting your hands on the part can take multiple days.

Rather than waiting for the service to deliver a broken part, you can drive to the closest location. After finding nearby stockists on Google, you can call the nearest location and inquire if they have the part. It will save you time.

You are always sure

Sometimes, a repair service member or online store can bring you the wrong section to fix your appliance. Factories produce different models of one machine, and every model has a different set of features. Being the owner, you know best about the exact requirement of the parts.

If you are DIY-ing the broken machine, a quick trip to the shop will be better than trying your luck online. For those who have a slightly outdated machine, it is even harder to find the right parts. Many businesses offer old appliances that you can buy for a fraction of the cost to get your hands on their components. This exercise is beneficial only when you know what part you are looking for.

Find the right quality

Online scams seem to have taken over the world with no solution at hand. Sometimes people order online and never receive the items they paid for. Moreover, there are more chances of receiving a fake or cheap copy of the item you bought.

To avoid this, one must always go to a store that sells genuine parts with a seal of approval from the brand itself. You can ensure the quality, specs, and authenticity of the appliance parts by picking it in person.

Save the shipping cost

Is the shipping costing you more than the appliance itself? In case of a rare appliance part, companies charge extra to get it to you safely. Why take the chance and pay more when you can save money on shipping by making the trip yourself?

At this stage, you must go by the 50% rule for appliance owners. If shipping and repairs cost half as much as buying a new item, then just go ahead and replace the whole thing. Spending half the cost in repairs once or twice is weighing you down financially, so better buy a new appliance.

Final word

The faults in the appliances are sometimes minor and sometimes huge. You need to be sure of whether you can replace the faulty part by yourself or not. If you cannot, you must seek help from a professional repair company.

We hope that we helped you make a fair decision about your machine and saved you time and money.

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