Why You Need a Software Bill of Materials More Than Ever


If you are on the fence about setting up a software bill of materials, then this is the perfect post for you. I have laid out some of the biggest reasons why you need a software bill of materials in a way that should make sense for everyone reading this.

If you already have a general understanding of what a software bill of materials is, then you should be able to understand just about all of the points that I have in store for you. Let’s get right into it and see why you need one now more than ever!


I would say that the most important reason why you need a software bill of materials is that security should be one of the things that you value the most. Cybersecurity is rapidly becoming one of the biggest industries in the world for a reason. People want to feel secure and not have to deal with any problems.

When you use open source, there are some vulnerable things that could end up hurting your big time. If you are not careful, you could be vulnerable and security issues are a real pain to deal with. I bet if you scanned all of your codebases, you would find some seriously vulnerable code that would not work out well.

It is smart to invest in a software bill of materials because you could beef up your security and potentially limit any problems in the future. It is much better to be safe than sorry in the end with security.

Operation Risk

Another selling point to a software bill of materials is that it makes codebases be continuously maintained and kept track of. If you just have a bunch of codebases and no records or maintenance, then you are at serious risk. It is risky for security and operational purposes.

It makes sense to want to stay on top of things and perform the proper maintenance to any codebases that you have. You can’t expect to be unorganized and be successful with your security and operation purposes.

Keeping a software bill of materials helps users maintain open-source software and make sure that nothing is out of date. When something is out of date, problems start to show up.


The last point might be the broadest one, but it should tie everything together for you. A software bill of materials gives you a lot of more organization to your codebases and that is what most organization needs. When there is a lack of organization with anything, problems occur in a big way.

Better and more organized systems will lead to fewer problems in the future. It will help with reducing human error, out of date code, and improve security. After putting all of those points together, it should be an obvious choice to want a software bill of materials. If you do not know where to start, then you could even look here.

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