Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Cell Phone While Driving

You can quite often find yourself driving and then all of a sudden realize that you forgot to respond to a text message that you received earlier on in the day or that you need to send an important email before a specific time. Whilst most of us know that we should not do these things whilst driving, it does not stop us from actually doing it. We always think that it will not be me that gets stopped by the cops, or worse, ends up having a car accident because of it.

What is true is that most car accidents are caused by people just like you, the ones that thought that they could get away with sending a quick text message or having a quick scroll through social media whilst driving. 

Takes away your attention

Whilst we are all aware that we should not use our cell phones whilst drive, very few of us actually know the reason why this is the case. Though it is pretty obvious to most people that taking your eyes off of the road is probably not the best thing to do whilst behind the wheel, there is actually much more to the danger of texting and driving. 

More than 90 percent of all road traffic accidents in America occur as a result of driver fault. Out of these crashes, it is a recognition error that is responsible. This involves anything from inadequate surveillance, external distractions, internal distractions, and driver inattention. 

If you have been involved in a car accident that resulted from a recognition error, then it could be worth your while to get in touch with a specialist distracted driving accident lawyer. They are able to use their knowledge and expertise to not only establish the amount of compensation that you are entitled to but ensure that you actually receive it from the insurance company.

Why do we do it?

The thing about using your cell phone whilst driving, even when driving it at speed, is that it does not necessarily feel innately dangerous. Whilst we do understand that driving whilst being distracted is not the best idea, there is no feeling of dread or fear that accompanies this in order to prevent us from doing it. The brain is a very clever thing and it does a good job of making us feel like we are in charge until it is too late and we realize that we are not. If it was true that we became fearful each and every time that our concentration is waivered whilst we were behind the wheel that our heart started beating really fast, then we would be more inclined to sit up and realize that what we are doing by using our cell phone is actually incredibly dangerous. 

Additionally, we often feel immune to the injuries and risks that affect the rest of the population. For instance, how many times have you heard people say that “I never thought it would happen to me”?

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