Wristwatch Protection: Things We Usually Do that Silently Destroy Our Wristwatch

If the modern generation has taught us anything fascinating, it’s that there’s something undeniably attractive about analog. Whether it is photography, vehicles or timepieces, being in charge of a device with moving components that we can freely navigate and understand is innately satisfying.

On the other hand, as technology marches forward, understanding of the traditional ways fades away, and a lot of it to be forgotten forever. We have to pass that wisdom on to the next generations of fanatics, so with that in mind, here are a few things that you must never think of doing on your mechanical watch.

Changing its Date During Midnight

To many people living with technology, getting a grip of an exact date is as somehow as hard as lifting up a tablet or any mobile devices, but that sort of complacency doesn’t simply influence the numerous tech-savvy; even for individuals who still fancy the pulse of a balance wheel, a self-changing date is truly something of a modern luxury.

Fact is, mechanical wristwatches have just been installed with a self-changing date in the 1940s, and a fast-change date for an even shorter period than that.

So, what’s the contrast, as you might wonder: primarily, the self-changing date is usually the thing that ticks over at approximately midnight, moving the date forward by a single day to positively considering the next day is not the first day after a thirty-day month to present the exact date.

Several times yearly, on the other hand, together with the times you let the watch run down and the date will fall out of sync; here onwards, the date window will now be needing a particular adjustment.

There was some time when this had to be performed the hard method, rotating the hands around the dial twenty-four hours to tick the date wheel to forward a single number. That’s indeed painful to do again at this time and age, and therefore the rapid-set date operation was designed to fix that severely minor nuisance.

Placing it Near a Magnetic Device

If you have ever had one of the tickets that have a dark stripe on it and obtained, after a point in time inside your pocket, that the ticket machine ejects it directly back out again, then you have encountered the results of magnetism.

As the parent to the parent of digital music which is the cassette tape device, these tickets utilize magnetism in that strip to collect information as to whatever it is that you are attempting to access, and in any case, it will permit you in.

It’s quite obvious at the time the machine instructs you to talk to a member of personnel that something has crashed or stopped working, and you recognize the ticket should manage since you spent a couple of minutes talking with the other members concerning it, but what happened? Well, technology just plainly transpired

The small speakers in your mobile device have magnets, and they are accountable for scraping the ticket of data and the following talk with the ticket personnel.

And these tiny speakers with their small magnets are almost everywhere, and they are a piece of unpleasant news for the welfare of your wristwatch. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of timepieces which are being built with anti-magnetic materials and elements, though there is still nothing known to have resisted against magnetism.

An Omega Series wristwatch depends on such a fine balance of motion to function, and so if something as meddlesome as magnetism stirs it, chances are it can stimulate a total turmoil.

The result occurs essentially with its hairspring, the little loop of wire that commands how considerably the balance wheel can move in and out, the control that limits the activity at which the watch functions.

When affected by the force of magnetism, it laces together, helpless to separate; this dramatically reduces the spring, executes the tick faster, and speeding the clock up by a significant amount.

On the bright side, if it does happen to you without your knowledge, you can demagnetize your wristwatch at your retailer shop and have your timepiece function back to its pristine form.

To Conclude

Now that we are knowledgeable about the things that we should not be doing with our watch, it’s now up to us on how we can constantly take good care of such timepiece of ours. At this point, bear in mind that your wristwatch is more than worth its price, hence it needs to be treasured.




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