Writing The Right Cv As A Fresh Graduate With Zero Working Experience

Just graduate without a shred of experience? You have found the very article written just to be read by you.

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The nightmare of every fresh college graduate, how do I write my CV? I have zero experience to show on this piece of paper?

I have been through that myself, and it was not something I would want to go through again. Though, if I had to, It would be easier this time as I do have the experience of what to do and what not to. 

Below is what I wished I knew when I first went on job hunting after college.

Things to be included in your CV properly

Contact information

It is not self-absorbed to make your name and contact information stand out. It is to make sure that the employer would have a deeper impression of your name out of the 20 other CVs on his/her table. 

Depends on your industry, you might want to include a photo of yourself too. For example, for people in the hospitality industry, it is essential to look bright and likable. Whereas if you are looking for a job as an accountant, they will not put much emphasis on you having the habit to smile constantly. 

Your contact information should include name, phone number, address, and email address.

Career objective

Without any experience, the recruiter might wonder what it is that you are looking for at that moment of your career life. You have to be concise, brief, and specific on what you are hoping to achieve and through what sort venue. 

Having no experience is not an excuse for not knowing how to do research. The person reviewing your CV will be quite impressed if they realize you do know things about the job even without experience.


This is the part which can significantly fill up the zero experience gap. 


Every university has name value, and this is an undeniable truth. If you managed to graduate from a well-known university, recruiters might straight-up invite you for an interview without looking further. 

Do not worry if you are not graduating from a top-ranked university. It does not mean your CV will be in the trash can immediately. It is still vital that people know you graduated from a university to demonstrate that you are also educated. 


A High distinction in an extremely challenging subject is a massive plus factor for many recruiters. Having one shows that you had the aptitude in that particular area, which could be the very thing they are looking for right at that moment. 

Are you having more than two or three? That shows the discipline to work hard and be more than just an average employee. After all, employers are more afraid than lazy experienced folks who slack off every day. Experience can be earned, but working attitude is not something you change in a few days.

Extra activities

If you have participated in any sort of activities either within or outside the college ground, it is also an advantage. 

For example, holding a successful charity event shows signs of management aptitude and interpersonal skills. Whereas, being the assistant of a professor indicate the ability to anticipate needs and organizational skills which are essential in supporting your superiors.

Hence, make sure that any internship and volunteer work you have done in the past are included in your resume too.


This is pretty much self-explanatory. A piece of paper from the Dean certifying you for an excellent achievement is a massive boost in your assessment. It is a combination of dedication, hard work, aptitude for the subject, and discipline. 

Other work experience 

Any kind of work you perform in the past could be helpful to your career. Some might be a bit more remotely helpful, but recruiter would take into consideration the more relevant one during their assessment.  

For example, a position as a team leader in a bar indicate management skills and leadership. Whereas, a pizza delivery position can be relevant if you are applying to be a logistic personnel

Other certifications 

Some employers might be more concerned with other factors apart from experience and education. 

The most common concern is how you get home. Depending on where you live, there are states or countries that legally require employers to ensure employee possess the means of transportation to arrive home safely. 

No, buses and bikes do not usually count, especially if the workplace operates through constant night shifts. A driving license and possessing a car could become your blessing for the job even without experience.

That is why it is helpful to include any certifications you have in your CV. 


Since you are reading this CV, I have to assume you just graduate and do not have a job, therefore a huge load of free time on your hands? If that is the case, do not be lazy with the layout of your CV. 

A plain back and white paper with just words are something to be forgotten immediately after looking away for 2 seconds. Spend some time editing the layout and make it more standout with a professional layout that suits your industry. 

For job application in the art and design industry, it is recommended to be creative with your CV as a subtle way to appeal to your recruiter.

However, a friendly reminder, do not go overboard with the creativity of the layout. There is a Chinese saying, “too much of anything is a bad thing.” A complicated looking CV that causes pain to the eyes is a thing that HR people hate the most.


As a person who has joined the work-force for years already, the above is what I wished I knew which really would have helped. 

I still made it through, but it was not until after hundreds of CV including cv online spread through the countries that I realized I was not doing it right. 

Also, as a person who has worked closely with human resources and recruitment personnel, I have had the opportunity to physically witness what ticked them and what compelled to squash your CV into a mini basketball, then Kobe Bryant that into the bin.

I hope you have learned something new with this article and good luck with your job hunting.

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