X Writing Hacks To Speed Up Your Writing

x writing hacks

Writing a two-page essay is not an easy task. After all, writing takes special skills and a lot of practice. If you are well prepared and have a concrete plan, you will be able to complete the task quickly and successfully. Writing texts is necessary not only for students and schoolchildren but also for representatives of various professions. For many, such a task is very difficult. To maximize the efficiency (and painlessness) of the process, a systematic approach is important.

1. You must be ready to write

This is the first step in writing an essay quickly. It is important to make sure that nothing distracts you and that you have everything you need (paper, computer) close at hand. Create the right environment. If you prefer to work in silence, it’s best to head to the library. If you need background noise, turn on music, or work in a cafe.

2. For a successful essay, you need to have a clear idea of ​​it

which is why it is so important to determine the topic. It’s easiest to write about what interests you, so try to choose something that will pique your curiosity (if you have a choice). For a work of a given volume, it is important to choose a narrow topic to have time to consider it. (If you have been given specific directions, then decide how to approach the question. For example, having received the assignment “Write an essay on the women’s movement. How successful is it? ”, You should decide on the side. By narrowing your focus, it will be easier for you to structure your essay).

3. Understand the subject

It is important to understand the chosen topic. For example, when writing an essay on foreign literature using the example of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, you must first read the book. Think about what you know about the topic. Now is a perfect time if you need more information. If you don’t have enough skills to write an essay in such a short time, you can buy essays cheap online on essaybulls, they quickly, and most importantly, do the job well.

4. Collect materials

If during the study of the question you made notes, then they should be in an orderly form. Organize them so that you can easily find the information you need. When using information from the Internet, it is recommended to save the bookmarks of the pages in advance so as not to be interrupted for repeated searches. Now is the time to check if there are any guidelines for writing an essay. If your teacher, instructor, or boss has given you specific instructions, it’s not just that. Be sure to follow the directions.

5. Get your thoughts in order

Will you need to walk your dog soon? Better to do it now. If you are distracted by any worries, it is better to deal with them right away. Next, you need to fully focus on work. You can do the rest after you finish writing. The more organized and focused you are, the faster this moment will come.

6. Consider your main thesis

There are several options for formulating a thesis. One of them is called a survey. To do this, you need to think about what you or your reader would like to know about the issue in question. Keep it simple and start with simple questions: who, what, why, and the like. The thesis is the most important part of the essay because it tells the reader what you will be arguing for. In other words, it clearly and concisely explains the thoughts you are trying to convey. In the absence of a strong thesis, your essay will be vague and too general. A strong thesis indicates that you will use specific examples to help clarify your thoughts.

7. Put your thoughts down on paper

Once you have written your thesis, which is the center of gravity that guides all your work, start writing down all the other ideas. Writing a detailed, competent plan makes your work much faster and easier. A plan is a great way to jot down thoughts on paper without worrying about how perfect everything is. The main thing is not to get stuck at this stage, because your essay will develop and change as it is written. You need greater skill focus.

8. List your sources in the plan

This will save you time when writing your work. Read in advance the requirements for the design of the bibliography. If in doubt, you should always check the information with the teacher.

9. The introduction and conclusion are written last

These are often the most difficult and time-consuming parts of an essay. It is better to first write a rough draft of the main part of the work, and then move on to the introduction and conclusion, to have a clearer idea of ​​the reasons and the importance of them.

10. Use modern technology

Of course, you will re-read your essay to find and correct mistakes. But don’t be afraid to use the spell checker. You need to remember that after that the essay should be reread, since the program checks only the form, but not the content.

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