Year in Review: 2019’s Best Gadgets

As we arrived in 2020 we need to keep an eye out for the future since this year is going to crush it when it comes to tech. CES ended just a few days ago and the gadgets showcased there are already making waves in the world of technology. Although it’s easy to forget the top gadgets from last year as new ones arrive on the market, it’s still good to take a retrospective look at the whole year.

The year 2019 represented the beginning of many advancements. Smartphone and laptop designs & technologies have changed tremendously. To celebrate these advancements, we’ll highlight the best gadgets released in 2019, in this article.

Google Pixel 4

Google climbed immensely in the rankings when it comes to their smartphone technologies. The Pixel is considered by many to be the most reliable smartphone at this moment in time. Google’s Pixel 4 has few downsides with slim to no glitches, a great OS, outstanding software and the best smartphone camera on the market.

The Pixel is not only best for photos but also for gaming. For a start, such a gadget can easily handle games from resource-effective niches like the puzzle and casino ones. These games are especially ideal for older phones that don’t possess the latest technologies. Most mobile users should be able to play something like Book of Ra without any hassle.

Such a thing is only doable thanks to the manner these games have been built in. They are quite effective and accessible from any type of platform, regardless if it’s desktop, mobile, or even a limited OS like Linux. However, Pixel 4 can also conquer more resource-intensive games like the action ones. This is thanks to the latest technologies that are powering up this device.

Another huge plus is the OS provided by Google. It has the perfect amount of customizable features as well as user-friendly and elegant design. Whilst producers like Apple and Samsung are known for their software glitches, the Pixel experiences slim to no native glitches running perfectly at all times.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

It’s often hard to find the perfect laptop but, Microsoft certainly came close with its latest device, the Surface Laptop 3. This Surface Laptop is the perfect competitor to the MacBook. It is a beast of a laptop while still being highly thin and lightweight.

Surface 3 has a useful touch screen with impressive picture quality, all being backed up by a lot of processing power. The entry-level model has 11 hours of battery life, 8GB of RAM, the latest i5 processor, and a top-notch AMD Ryzen graphics card. Considering its compact design, the Surface 3 might be one of the best laptops released in 2019 for professionals.

Fossil Gen 5

Smartwatches represented a big trend in the last couple of years. However, most of them have an unprofessional design, even Apple failing at creating something for the professional user. The Fossil Gen 5 killed it with its outstanding design, resembling very much the classic watches.

This is one of the most fashionable smartwatches on the market right now. It blends perfectly, making it look like a regular watch until you start using it. With an intuitive and open OS, Fossil Gen 5 is compatible with Androids as well as iPhones.


Last year was a great time for the world of technology. Tech-heads certainly had a lot of fun as a countless number of cool gadgets emerged on the market. The three we mentioned above are some of the best ones. They are ideal for all types of users, without being limited to certain small niches.

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