Yopmail – How to create a Free Disposable Email Address

Yopmail – a temporary email address for services on the internet. It’s no secret that we receive a countless number of spam emails into our inbox. Most of these emails are sent by companies we never subscribed or registered for. Whether they are commercial or not, many of these emails contain disguise links that lead to phishing sites or sites that are hosting malware.

Disposable email addresses let you access to a temporary email address that can be used to register to services on the internet. By using a temporary email you can make sure that your primary email doesn’t get spammed.

There are several temporary email address services on the internet. But, what makes Yopmail so special is that the ability to create and send emails within seconds. Yopmail provides Firefox, IE, and opera extensions that allow you to create an email address on the go.

Features of Yopmail

1. Generate Random Email Address with auto generator
2. Extension for easy access to your YOPmail inbox
3. 8-day storage for messages
4. Chat with your YopMail friends
5. Proxy sites for YOPmail users. If YOPmail doesn’t work on some sites, you can use the alternate domains

How does Yopmail protect you?

For safety purpose, do not reveal your original email frequently on the internet. Your information could be abused. So, next time, use a disposable email like YOPmail while signing up to different services. This will protect you from spam and phishing.

1. Use [email protected] to sign up from anywhere. Emails sent to the [email protected] will be automatically created at YOPMail. There is no registration process involves creating the temporary email.

2. You can easily check your disposable email at or you can directly access it by going to

3. YOPMail inbox is not password protected. So use an email that is easy to remember.

4. Messages will be saved for 8 days on YOPMail servers. You can also manually remove them.

5. In case if you face any trouble with website, you can alternatively, choose from:,,,,,,,,,,, or

Emails sent to any of the alternative domains above will automatically be forwarded to Yopmail.

How to Create and Send Email from YopmailHow to Create and Send Email from YOPMail

So, to create the temporary email, first, download the addon for your browser. If you are using IE, Firefox, find your plugin here. Once it’s installed, just select YOPmail from your search drop-down list. Enter a random name or string of characters that will become your @yopmail email. Once it created click on Yopmail to access your inbox.

Opera Widget

Opera users can download this widget and install it. Once it’s installed, open the widget and click on the “lightning” button to generate a random address. or simply type any email name of your choice. Then click the Mailbox button and opera will open your newly created YOPmail inbox in a new tab.

yopmail opera widget

Creating the temporary disposable emails can be handy for those who sign up forms if you don’t want to your email to be hit by spam. If you value your privacy online, then Yopmail is perfect for creating one-time use and throw email addresses. I hope it was helpful. Now over to you. Let me know your what do you think in the comment section.

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