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5 Useful Tips for Finding Freelance Art Jobs

5 Useful Tips for Finding Freelance Art Jobs

Many people have started looking for freelancing jobs in recent years rather than working on a full-time job. The reason behind this situation is that they find the freedom to do their work and enhance their skills without any restrictions. Most importantly, the artists are commonly seen moving towards the freelancing industry as they like to work freely with their creativity and ideas.

Although many of them start with a freelancing career, hardly a few of them make a stable income out of it. That is because the rest of them fail to find the right approach to find new clients and promote their work. Hence, in this article, we have given five useful tips for finding freelance art jobs, which will lead you to the right approaches and action steps while starting with a freelance career as an artist.

  1. Develop an impressive portfolio:

Nowadays, most clients prefer to hire a freelancer with a good online presence and an attractive portfolio that best describes their work. Thus, you should focus on creating an impressive portfolio and ensure that people visit it more often. You can consider creating your own website rather than sending emails typically to the companies. Moreover, you should create it as a place that holds every bit of your masterpieces.

Once you develop an impressive portfolio, link it in your email signature, social media accounts, business cards, and everywhere else, even if it seems irrelevant. That is because prospective clients would likely have a look at your portfolio and decide whether you are worth hiring or not.

  1. Create a presence on design websites:

People will usually try to find artists on popular design websites to ensure you register yourself with such sites. Most of these sites have a well-maintained SEO, which makes it easier for them to rank on the first page of search results. Thus, you can take advantage of their SEO and drive the attention of the visitors to your work and website.

There are several websites for different artists, which narrows the interests of people to find relevant artists. Sometimes you will get new clients, and sometimes you will get helpful feedback from other artists to enhance your skills and work. If there’s any negative feedback, then try to take it in a good way and see if you really can improve in that area. Ensure you pay attention to the experienced artists on such platforms because their expertise will help you grow better.

  1. Search for freelance job marketplaces:

Another thing that every freelancer needs to do is finding freelance job marketplaces that have great popularity. You will find thousands of marketplaces where freelancers create a profile and enter their education, work experience, and sample work to attract the clients. But it would be useless if the site has no reputation and a good amount of clients.

Thus, you need to search for professional and legitimate freelance job marketplaces to find potential clients. You can check Dormzi for freelance art jobs as this platform is quite popular among people and has proved to be effective for both freelancers and clients.

  1. Start blogging:

Being an artist, you will have a lot of knowledge about the particular artwork, which can help other individuals or companies. Thus, you can write about the topics that you are confident about and let others know that you have more such things to offer them. Share your experiences, hurdles, motivational moments and how you are trying to work independently. Also, try to educate other artists about the new technologies that you discover through your skills.

If the content is useful and relevant to your industry, no one can stop you from finding multiple clients. It will also help create an audience base that would probably become a point for marketing your skills. The companies and other small businesses like to work with creative and interesting people, and your content can prove that you are worth hiring.

  1. Create networks:

One of the effective ways to find potential clients is by connecting with different people. You can visit any café where creative events are held or participate in art workshops where there’s a possibility of finding new people. You can talk with them, share your experiences, listen to their advice, and then try to tell them about your freelancing business. Make sure you don’t sound too promotional as people will likely back off if you keep appreciating your work again and again. Instead, try to make them comfortable and if they are interested in hearing more from you, then go ahead and share your card or other samples with them.

As a freelance artist, you will have to be your own marketing strategist, so make sure you follow these useful tips for finding freelance art jobs.


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