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Business Ideas That Can Help You Make Money During a Quarantine

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When the quarantine hit, millions of people were struck, unaware and unprepared, and sequestered to their homes for shelter-in safety. Some could work from home, and they continued to thrive at a salary less than they originally made. But for many, the job that supported them and their loved ones disappeared in a flash.

For some, it was a sudden-onset depression, overeating, and laziness. But for others, it was an opportunity to do something different and maybe even pursue their dream. And who doesn’t dream of being their own boss? Thus, the age of the side hustle has taken over, and the future became bright again.

Making Money While Locked Down

New and exciting possibilities abound to accommodate the needs of the populace stuck at home. Food delivery companies, personal shoppers, and the advent of tons of online business interests have skyrocketed. And if you have the initiative and drive to pursue them, side hustles are easy to find and even easier to use to gain capital.

For indie video game developers who make a living making PC and mobile games like Valley of the Gods, the pandemic hasn’t dramatically reduced their income. Fortunately, there are plenty of video game selling platforms that empower them to do what they do best without the fear that the pandemic inspires in the public.
While we acknowledge there are plenty of ways to make money fast online, most of them aren’t sustainable, and you are often accountable to someone else. Some of them can be a lot of fun. But for the sake of argument, we want to show you some that give you control and power over your destiny.

Side Hustles for Personal Sustainability

Here are some ideas for an online business that can be started with minimal effort, a few that might require a small investment, and others that are specialized. Take a look and see if we have your next side hustle that might blossom into something more.

1.  Copywriting

One way to make money for free is to write for online interests. Blog articles, website copy, and product reviews, all paid for by independent agencies that need this information for marketing purposes. And most of them send the payment to the same source, so if you like to make money through PayPal, this is perfect for you.

2. Craigslist

No longer need that old chair or chess set? Have the items in your garage been taking up space for too long, but you can’t seem to part with them? It might be time to bite that bullet. To make money during COVID-19, sacrifices sometimes must be made. Time to sell that stuff online. Just be sure it is worth selling.

3.  Surveys

You can make a small chunk of change by doing surveys online. Most pay practically nothing at first, but you can put together some decent money if you make your way to the better ones. Patience is a virtue if this is the direction you decide to go.

4.  Teach

Do you have a particular skill or knowledge that can be of value to someone seeking such insight? Then put it to work for you. Teach an online course. You have plenty of time while at home to get your passion just right, and instructing folks how to play the violin or install a bay window is a reliable and useful way to make money during a lockdown. And you know they will have plenty of time to practice what they learned.

5.  E-Commerce

This is a great way to not only make money on Amazon but also cement yourself into a business that will sustain you well after lockdown is over. People that ask Google search ways how to make money online usually circle to E-commerce. And if you align as an Amazon associate, they do the majority of the drop-shipping work. However, this is a way to make money with money, as some investors might be required depending on how you set your store up.

6.  Investing

It might seem counterintuitive, but during quarantine is the best time to invest. Stock prices are at an all-time low, so ordinary folk can get in on the low end of significant stock offerings, poised to skyrocket after the threat is over. This is a long-term solution, so if you don’t have the liquid capital to invest and keep yourself afloat, it’s not a good plan. But if you do, you will see aggressive growth and have a stake in major interests.

7. Virtual Helper

Do you love to take orders, or maybe love to be helpful and get paid handsomely to do it? Then you have a chance to become a virtual assistant. You will work under one person or many, but their efficiency will be your responsibility, and for people who like to keep the trains running on time, that is the definition of heaven.

8.  Market Yourself

You can sell your own products, like baked goods or craft items. Online jewelry stores opened by independent sellers are enormous right now. Love to blow glass? Use this time to blow a lot and sell it. Love to make fancy rings? You know the drill. With nothing but time and plenty of resources, this is your chance to show the world who you are and stake your claim.

There are plenty of ways to make money away from the corporate sphere. But you need to have the desire, the fortitude, and the creative mind to get out there and seize the opportunity. Manifest your destiny.


If you want to know other ways to make money online, check some message boards, or hop on With the contagiousness of COVID-19, remote work is what most companies offer. And there are jobs for all types of work. You have to find the right gig that fits your skills or propels your passion. Have you engaged in a way to earn while stuck at home?

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