Facts Checking & Correction Policy

Waytohunt, a news platform, has a fact-checking policy that seeks to ensure accuracy, fairness, and balance in reporting. Waytohunt writers are responsible for fact-checking and editors also review the published content to verify the accuracy of the news.

To maintain the audience’s trust, the platform ensures that all news published comes from a reputable source and is supported by concrete and verifiable facts. Waytohunt uses at least two sources to verify each piece of information and relies on documentary evidence when dealing with a single source.


We believe that the headline should match the content. As a result, we make an effort to create completely accurate headlines that correspond to the news content provided.


To promote transparency, the platform includes a “Suggest A Correction” section where the public can report any mistakes or omissions. Sources are interviewed and their information is shared with reporters and editors, with anonymous quotes reflecting discussions between reporters and editors.

Additionally, the platform makes efforts to contact all parties involved in the event of a complaint and independently verifies the information in question.

The platform seeks out sources with limited public access, and a senior resource or the person in charge of the newsroom can be consulted to prevent presenting the audience with incorrect information.

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