What you should do to prepare your child for studying in foreign country?

What you should do to prepare your child for studying in foreign country?

What you should do to prepare your child for studying in foreign country?

Studying abroad is a great adventure and can be a fun part of going to college. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone has a good experience with this though. It’s always best to start off on the right foot and prepare your teen for a study abroad program. If you’re not sure of where to get started, these steps help to outline the process.

  1. Choice of the Country and University

You may have a country already in mind but it’s always best to do some homework before making a final decision. If you’re studying abroad through a specific program, make sure to read through their literature and review the program. Consider talking to people who have attended the program and ask about their experiences, both good and bad. Chances are that they’ll give you a good review of what to expect. Research the university and learn about what it offers. Once you know what to expect, you’ll have an idea of whether this is the best program.

  1. Prepare Your Documents

You’re going to need a wide range of documents for studying abroad. From verification statements to vaccination records, the items you may need will vary slightly. However, what you should do with all documentation is to ensure that you have copies of essential documents. Leave a copy at home with you and consider sending extra copies with the teen. You’ll never know when things can get lost but it’s best to be prepared.

  1. Consider Living Arrangements

Make sure to review where your teen will be staying while abroad. The university may have housing already set up. This may be a good option but consider taking a look or a virtual tour of the space so that you know what to expect. If you’re finding your own housing, this is probably going to require additional work on your part. If you’re not sure about the location, an admissions counselor at the university may be helpful. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the living situation before signing a lease.

  1. Avoid too Much Cash

You want your teenager to have adequate cash to prepare for emergencies but this can lead to trouble if he or she has too much. Pickpocketing is fairly common in large cities and teenagers may lose any additional cash. Since there is no way to replace any stolen or lost cash, it’s best to keep cash reserves to a certain amount. You can wire over additional money or only have your teenager carry a certain amount at a given time. This way, any lost cash won’t end up being a huge loss.

  1. Find Effective Communication Networks

International calling can set you back but there are great alternatives that you can use as long as your teen has an internet connection. Set up a Skype account or consider social networks and other messaging services. This will allow you and your teen to communicate while still reducing unnecessary costs.

  1. Use Spokeo to Review Social Media Activity and Location

When studying abroad in an unfamiliar location, safety is a key concern. While you can’t control all of your teenager’s activities, you can have better peace of mind by using Spokeo. This reverse phone lookup and email search could give you a better idea of what your teen is doing and their physical location. This tool is especially handy if your teenager is going to be traveling abroad.

  1. Provide Best Wishes and Show Support

Although you may be apprehensive about your teenager studying abroad, this can be a great opportunity for growth. Make sure that your teenager feels supported.

  1. Prepare Medical Insurance

Finally, make sure that your teenager knows what to do for any medical needs. You likely need to contact your insurance company to tell them about this change. Make sure that you and your teenager know where to seek out medical care and how to go about navigating the healthcare system. Every insurance plan is going to be slightly different so talk to your agent to get the specifics. Make copies of the insurance card so that your teenager can carry the card with them in case of a medical emergency where the information may be urgently needed.

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