Best Free Proxy Sites | Fast & Secure Proxy Server List 2020

Do you have a problem accessing some websites on your PC? Is YouTube blocked at your school? Want to browse your favorite social networking sites at the workplace?

There are chances that your IP Address may have blocked from accessing certain websites by your network admin, ISP or the country.

There is a solution:

…Proxy sites.

Proxy sites or proxy server will act as the middleman between you and the end server to get whatever the resource you need from the remote website without revealing your identity (IP).

If you want to see the complete list of best working proxy sites in one place, you’ll definitely love this (updated) guide.

I have used over 150 proxy sites and listed the best and free proxy sites for you. Check it out!

Top 5 Proxy Sites

  1. Hide My Ass

hide my ass proxy

Hide My Ass is one of my favorite proxy site that allows us to access blocked sites with ease. This web proxy provides SSL/HTTPS connection for all websites thus keeping your data safe on the web.

It provides plenty of IP addresses in multiple countries to bypass web filters and geo internet blocks. It also has an extension available for chrome.

And the best part:

It doesn’t have any third party advertisements or annoying popups.

Official Website:

Hide My Ass

  1. Hidester Proxy

hidester proxy

People use Hidester for many reasons. You may want to avoid being spied by Governments, Universities, or cybercriminals. Or you may want to access blocked websites in school or office. With Hidester it’s nobody’s business except you.

Using Hidester is easy. Just open your browser, and type in and your connection is instantly encrypted. No need to install any software or App.

Hidester is fast, secure, reliable and Mobile friendly too. That’s why it made to the No.2 in the list.

Official Website:

  1. Skull Proxy

Skull Proxy is one of the fastest and most reliable proxy sites online. This will allow you to unblock your most loved sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and IMGUR even from behind the firewalls with blocked ports.

It fetches your desired content at lightning-fast speed. You must give it a try.

Official Website:

  1. Kproxy top 5 proxy sites list

Kproxy is one my favorite proxy site on the list. It is very simple to use this site. They provide every instruction so that even a beginner can use it.

It has an extension for Chrome and Firefox that can be used to browse your favorite websites instantly without opening the proxy site every time.

What if you don’t have any of the browsers above?

Here’s the deal:

You can download Kproxy browser. It is a portable Firefox browser configured with Kproxy Extension. So it doesn’t need any installation, just unzip and surf.

Official Website:

  1. TOR

torguard proxy serviceTOR is paid proxy software which is widely used by torrent users. The plans start at $5.99/Month with unlimited features.

Here’s why I have listed here:

Not many proxy sites offer anonymous torrent downloads. Tor guard service conveniently does this. Besides, you will get access to over 2000+ premium proxy IP’s from 50 different countries across the world.

TOR Proxy works on any OS, be it like Windows, Mac or Linux. It also provides HTTP/SSL encryption on all the devices.

You can easily set up TOR on your pc with the help of KB guides for uTorrent, BitTorrent, Vuze and deluge within minutes. And their 24×7 customer support is super awesome.

Official Website:

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Proxy Sites for School/University/Office

Proxy NameProxy URL
IP Switcher
Surf Proxy
Proxy Fuse
Hide My IP
Web Proxy
Surf Land
Proxy Browse
Ublock proxy
Gone Wind
New Ip Now
Site Unblocker
Ninja Browser
Safe Net Browser
Proxy Site
Fish Proxy
Xite Now
Proxy One
Quick proxy
VPN Book
The Facebook proxy
UC Proxy
Rapid Wire
England Proxy
Free YouTube
Yellow Proxy
Stardoll proxy
Unblock YouTube
Ninja Cloak
Free Anonymous Proxy
Fresh Web
Vectro Proxy
Multi-IP Web
Fast USA Proxy
Hidden Digital info
Working Proxy
Proxy 2014
Change IP & country
Free Proxy Server
Free You Proxy Tube
UK Proxy
Hide The Internet
Fast School Proxy
Extreme Proxy
View Youtube
Monster Proxy
Mega Proxy
See Proxy
Remove Filters
Korea Proxy
FB Proxies
PK Proxy
Suede Proxy
America Proxy
Brazil Proxy
Canada Proxy
King Surf Proxy
Just Unblock It
Network Bypass
Singapore Proxy
Intern Cloud
Orange Proxy
Push Proxy
Proxy Tube
SSL Proxy
Europe Proxy
Private Surf
Browse This
School Proxy
CA Proxies
Browse Sneak

Proxy Sites for YouTube

YouTube is the best video site out there with a lot of entertainment, sports, tutorials and etc. unfortunately, YouTube will be blocked at some places like schools, colleges and workplace. To access YouTube at the restricted areas, please follow these mirrors below.

YouTube Proxy/MirrorSpeedStatus
TubeUnblockVery FastOnline
YouTube MirrorFastOnline
Free YouTube ProxyAverageOnline
Unblock VideosFastOnline
GenMirror YouTube ProxyFastOnline

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Free Anonymous Proxy Servers

Proxy servers let you hide your IP Address and browse the internet (mostly) anonymously.

If you want to use free anonymous proxy servers on your network, you should keep a handful of these servers to ensure at least is one is working at all times.


These proxy servers will provide thousands of anonymous proxy IP and port lists that you can configure with your browser.


TorVPN is premium VPN service. However, it does provide some fresh HTTP and SOCKS proxies that update every few minutes.

Update: I can’t find barely any working proxies when I last checked it.

Gather Proxy

It is one of the leading websites to offer free proxies, Socks, and the Scraper tool.

The proxies will be checked in real-time for every few seconds. You can find Elite, Anonymous, and Transparent proxies.

You will find dozens of proxy servers based on anonymity level which you can easily download in text/CSV file.

Free Proxy Lists

It has tons of proxy lists of different types such as Elite proxies, Anonymous, Sock4/5, HTTP proxies.

It also has country-specific proxy lists from US, UK, Canada, and France.


NordVPN gives you tens of thousands free proxy server list that can be found by country, port, and protocol.

Proxiz has an extensive collection of some fresh proxy list. They provide best working proxies for different needs.


It provides a list of free proxy server IP’s, ports, and other information (like speed, uptime, and country etc) which will update every few seconds.


This is another awesome proxy list with tons of proxy servers which can be filtered by Country, Port, Protocol, Anonymity level and uptime.


It is the best proxy server that provides proxies based on either port specific or country-specific. provides a huge number of the anonymous proxy list with horrible speed. They can be sorted by latency. The lower the value is better.

Premium Proxy

At Premium Proxy, you will find the Anonymous proxy list, HTTP/SSL Proxy list, SOCKS Proxy list, HTTP Proxy list, Transparent Proxy list, Squid Proxy list and many.


You will find so many fast working proxy servers from different countries.

Types of Proxies

Elite: Http Elite proxies are the safest of all proxies. This is because they don’t send back any requested information from the server.

Anonymous: Anonymous proxies do hide your IP, but they send back information that might give away your identity.

Socks: They are mainly used for programs. They act as a buffer between the web browser and the server.

Transparent: Transparent proxies don’t hide your IP, but you can use them to speed up your internet. They work faster.

What do you recommend? It depends on your usage. Use the appropriate one that fits your needs.

Now you may ask;

How Do I Use a proxy server?

If you are wondering how to use a proxy, here is the solution:

In windows, you can make a system-wide change directly from the control panel. To do that: first, find Network and Internet Options >> Internet Options >> LAN settings from Connections Wizard. From there chose Proxy Server then give Proxy IP and port details to continue.

Want to see the browser specific configuration? Continue reading…

Step by Step Guide to Set up a Proxy server on different browsers.

Google Chrome

Step 1: Open your Chrome Browser, Click On the top right where you will find 3 dots vertically.

Now Go to:

2. Settings >> Advanced Settings >> System then chose Proxy settings

3.It will open Internet Properties wizard from there click on LAN Settings.


Step 4: On the bottom of the wizard you will see the option Proxy server. Select “Use Proxy server for your LAN

Step 5: Enter the Address of the proxy server and port then click OK.

Now all the traffic from your browser will be routed through the proxy server.

Setup Proxy for Opera

Proxy setup on Opera is super simple as you can see below:

1. Go to Browser Menu, Click on Settings

2. Select Browser >> Network >> Change Proxy Settings

Internet Explorer

Open your browser, Click on Gear Icon. Select Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN Settings


Proxy settings are little different in Firefox Browser.

1. Go to Firefox Menu and Select Options

2. On the bottom of the page, you can see Network proxy. Click on the Settings button.

3. Then it will open the connection settings. Choose Manual Proxy Configuration and give in Proxy IP and port details then click OK.


Go to Preferences >> Advanced >> Proxies >> Change Settings… >> LAN Settings

When you finished, if you no longer wish your internet traffic to go via the proxy server, you should reset to normal internet connection by un-checking “Use Proxy” in the LAN settings.

Over to You

So… What do you think?

Now I want to hear it from you.

What do you think of this guide about proxy sites?

Or did I miss anything that needs to be covered here?

Either way, comment below to let me know.

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