Best Thinking of You Gifts to Send

Choosing a gift for a loved one is not an easy task for both guys and girls. And it is especially difficult to make a choice when you are apart; such a gift should remind your loved one of your feelings and make him feel that you are near despite the distance between you!

To make this task easier, we want to share with you these 9 cute, non-trivial, and funny gifts for the dearest people in the world, from inexpensive and touching “Thinking of You” balloons like these to a romantic trip for two of you!

We bet that these presents will warm your beloved’s heart and help both of you wait to meet each other.

“Thinking of You” balloons

Balloons are always relevant, especially such modern and colorful themed foil inflatables! Simple at first glance, they always give joy and a smile, and colorful inscriptions will help you convey the message to your loved one!

Modern “Thinking of You” balloons come in all possible colors and shapes: round or square, umbrella, lollipop, or flower-shaped, and they will burst your mood with all colors of the rainbow!

UFO smart mask

It is an alternative to traditional face masks that combines premium care and modern technology. In just 90 seconds (instead of 20 minutes you have to wait with the ordinary masks) of using the gadget, you will get a better result than any ordinary cloth mask will give you!

Handmade sweets

If your soulmate has a sweet tooth, buy her some unique handmade candies! You can buy such sweets in any pastry shop; they can even be made under individual order.

“52 tasks for lovers” Magic Jar quest game

It’s a great opportunity to play a game together and learn something new about yourself and your partner! 52 exciting tasks for lovers, specially selected by psychologists, will help bring new feelings and emotions to your relationship and allow you to have fun.

Just let the game lie there and wait till you meet each other!


Over the past few years, stoles have become the hottest fashion trend. The girl will definitely like it if you give her one of these!

When choosing a stole, be sure to consider the style, and the preferred color scheme of your partner so that she can wear it with most of her favorite outfits.

Voice pattern

Did you know that a memorable moment can be captured not only in photos and videos but also in a picture of sound?!

This is a brand-new concept in the world of gifts. Give your loved one a really cool present: a picture with the sound wave of your voice or your partner’s favorite song! Today, there are many websites that offer this service. Having scanned the QR code with the phone’s camera, your soul mate can listen to what is shown on the canvas!

Caricature doll made by a photo

It is difficult to think of a more personalized gift than such a funny doll!

You can think over everything: facial expressions, clothes, lettering. Make a tiny caricature of the two of you or portray your soul mate in the head of the whole world, and enjoy the reaction!

Sommelier Gift Set

Surprise your boyfriend by opening a bottle of wine without his help! And when he asks how you did it, proudly show off your present. The electric corkscrew and elegant and unique accessories that come with the kit not only help to open bottles, but also extend the shelf life of a noble drink!

Romantic trip

A trip for two will be a truly unforgettable gift! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a trip to another country or an expensive sea trip.

Get out in nature, discover neighboring cities, go on an excursion or bus tour to some romantic places. Even a boat trip can turn into a great surprise if you give her a beautiful flower bouquet, and will whisper some romantic words and compliments during the trip!

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