350+ Best Cleaning Business Slogans and Taglines

Starting a cleaning business or rebranding your existing one? A catchy slogan or tagline can set you apart from the competition and communicate your brand’s promise to potential customers.

In this article, we have provided over 350 creative and engaging slogans and taglines for your cleaning business.

Whether you’re offering residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, or specialized services, these slogans are designed to enhance your marketing efforts and establish your business as a trusted name in the industry.

Top Cleaning Business Slogans

  1. Cleaning is Important
  2. Cleanliness is a Virtue
  3. One Stop Commercial Cleaning Company
  4. We Are The Spirit Of Clean
  5. We Clean With Integrity
  6. We Will Clean Your Stress Away
  7. A Clean House Starts With Us
  8. Clean It Up
  9. Cleaning All The Way
  10. Dustbusters
  11. We Mean Clean
  12. A New Perspective Of House Cleaning
  13. Clean For Everyone
  14. Cleaning Is Our Business
  15. Cleaning Solution For All
  16. Cleaning Your Worries Away
  17. Consider it Clean
  18. For Sparkling Results
  19. Give Us The Dirt
  20. Got Dirt?
  21. Window Wizards
  22. Maid Marvels
  23. Making Your Home Look Its Best
  24. Making Your Place More Desirable

Cleaning Business Slogans that Rhyme

  1. Gleam and Clean
  2. Spick and Span
  3. Neat and Sweet
  4. Clean Machines
  5. Mop Till You Drop
  6. Shiny and Bright
  7. Clean Dream Team
  8. Dust Less, Live More
  9. Clean Scene
  10. Grime Crime Fighters

Funny Cleaning Company Slogans

  1. We Fight Dirty
  2. Our Brooms Are Ready
  3. Cleaning with a Smile
  4. We Make Dirt Beg for Mercy
  5. Your Mess Is Our Mission
  6. Dirt Beware!
  7. From Grime to Shine
  8. Cleaning Ninjas
  9. Messy House? No Problem!
  10. We Get the Dirt Out

Cleaning Quotes for Business Cards

  1. “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” – John Wesley
  2. “A clean home is a happy home.”
  3. “The best time for cleaning is now.”
  4. “Clean homes, happy lives.”
  5. “Cleaning is a form of art.”

Commercial Cleaning Slogans

  1. Professional Clean, Every Time
  2. Your Office, Our Priority
  3. Cleaning Excellence Guaranteed
  4. We Clean, You Shine
  5. Reliable Commercial Cleaning Solutions
  6. Trust the Experts in Clean
  7. Pristine Spaces, Happy Faces
  8. Commercial Cleanliness, Delivered
  9. Beyond Clean
  10. Where Clean Meets Professionalism

Dirty Cleaning Slogans

  1. We Love the Dirty Work
  2. No Dirt Left Behind
  3. Tackling Tough Dirt with Ease
  4. We Handle the Grime
  5. Dirty Jobs? We’ve Got This
  6. Dirt is Our Enemy
  7. Cleaning the Impossible
  8. No Mess Too Big
  9. The Tougher the Dirt, the Better
  10. We Conquer Dirt

Office Cleaning Slogans

  1. Clean Offices, Productive Teams
  2. A Better Clean for Your Business
  3. Your Office Deserves the Best
  4. Clean Spaces, Happy Faces
  5. Office Cleaners You Can Trust
  6. Sparkling Clean Office, Every Time
  7. Clean Office, Clear Mind
  8. We Keep Offices Spotless
  9. Making Your Office Shine
  10. The Clean Office Experts

Cleaning Business Cards

  1. “Clean Home, Happy Life”
  2. “Your Clean, Our Dream”
  3. “Cleaned Right, Every Time”
  4. “Quality Cleaning Services”
  5. “Professional Cleaning Solutions”

Housekeeping Phrases

  1. Maid to Perfection
  2. Cleaning Bliss
  3. Neat and Tidy
  4. Spotless Cleaning
  5. Keeping Homes Clean
  6. Domestic Cleaning at its Best
  7. Pristine Housekeeping
  8. Tidy Home, Happy Life
  9. Home Cleaning Experts
  10. Housekeeping Extraordinaire

Green Cleaning Slogans

  1. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions
  2. Green Clean, Healthy Home
  3. Protecting the Planet, One Clean at a Time
  4. Sustainable Cleaning Services
  5. Safe for You, Safe for the Earth
  6. Clean and Green
  7. Green Cleaning Experts
  8. Eco Cleaning Pros
  9. Naturally Clean
  10. Green Clean for a Better Tomorrow

Cleaning Service Quotes

  1. “A clean home is a reflection of a clean mind.”
  2. “Clean spaces, clear thoughts.”
  3. “Cleanliness is key to health.”
  4. “Quality cleaning for quality living.”
  5. “Your space, our mission.”

Funny Cleaning Slogans

  1. “Dust Bunnies Beware”
  2. “We’re Here to Sweep You Off Your Feet”
  3. “We’ve Got Cleaning Down to a T”
  4. “Leave the Mess to Us”
  5. “Cleaning with a Sense of Humor”

Carpet Cleaning Slogans

  1. “Clean Carpets, Happy Feet”
  2. “We Bring Carpets Back to Life”
  3. “Soft, Clean, and Fresh Carpets”
  4. “Your Carpet Cleaning Experts”
  5. “Making Carpets Look New Again”

Funny Housekeeping Slogans

  1. “Housework: You Do the Living, We Do the Cleaning”
  2. “Cleaning Solutions with a Smile”
  3. “Maid to Make You Happy”
  4. “We Clean, You Relax”
  5. “Housework Doesn’t Have to Be Hard”

Cleaning Taglines

  1. “Clean Beyond Measure”
  2. “Excellence in Every Clean”
  3. “Where Cleanliness Meets Quality”
  4. “Committed to Clean”
  5. “Clean Homes, Happy Lives”
  6. “Precision Cleaning Services”
  7. “Your Clean, Our Passion”
  8. “From Mess to Best”
  9. “Detailed Cleaning Solutions”
  10. “Your Satisfaction, Our Guarantee”

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FAQs about Cleaning Company Slogans

Q: How do I choose the best slogan for my cleaning business?

  • A: Consider your brand’s unique selling points and the core message you want to convey. Ensure the slogan is catchy, memorable, and reflects your business values.

Q: Can I use more than one slogan for my business?

  • A: Yes, you can use different slogans for various marketing campaigns or target audiences, but consistency is key for brand recognition.

Q: Should my slogan be humorous or serious?

  • A: It depends on your brand’s personality and the audience you are targeting. Humorous slogans can be engaging, while serious ones may convey professionalism.

Q: How often should I update my business slogan?

  • A: Slogans can evolve with your business, but frequent changes can confuse customers. Stick with a slogan that resonates well unless there’s a significant reason to update it.

Q: Can my slogan be similar to another company’s?

  • A: While some overlap is inevitable, strive for originality to differentiate your brand and avoid potential legal issues.


I hope this list of cleaning company slogans and taglines has provided valuable insights into crafting an effective slogan for your cleaning business.

A well-chosen slogan not only reinforces your brand identity but also resonates with your target audience, setting you apart from competitors.

Remember to remain authentic, reflect your business values, and keep the customer experience at the forefront of your messaging.

With the right slogan, you can effectively communicate the quality of your services and build a lasting connection with your clients.

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