101 Best, Cool, Funny WiFi Names for your Wireless Network

By | May 17, 2017

Best and Funny WiFi Names: In the current generation, WiFi is inevitable as it becomes the part of every individual life. WiFi is the best way to connect to internet. If you have a near wifi and know the password, then you’ll have all the world at your finger tips. some creative people try to make their WiFi network names witty and much funny. Having a funny WiFi names is the best way surprise neighbours, who look for free internet. and it can tickle your friends as well. some intelectuals have come up with some of clever wifi names you will ever see. I have collected many of them. you are going to see them in the article below.


best wifi names for your router

In this article, you will have many WiFi Names. I have featured this list into diffrent sections to help you chose the perfect one. This Includes some cool, funny, geeky, epic wifi names. Are you ready to witness some funny wifi names? Let’s go…

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 Clever WiFi Names:

Don’t even try it.
No Free WiFi for you.
Get your Own WiFi
You pay now.
Get off my LAN.
Krish! Stop using our Internet!
Super Thanks For Asking
My Own Damn Internet

2 Girls, 1 Router

We believe I can Fi

Network Not Found

funny wifi names

Best, Cool, Funny WiFi Names

Funny WiFi Names:

Virus transmitting WiFi
I’m Under Your Bed.
I Love it When IP.
WiFi connection failed.
Bring Beer and Women to #7/G

I’m cheating on my WiFi

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Geeky WiFi Names:

Occam’s Router

Mx Dos

Let’s Play Candy Crush!

Go Go Gadget Internet.

All ur Bandwidth is belonging to us!

Insert Disc.

404 Network Unavailable

Find Nearby WiFi

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Cool WiFi Names:

Look Ma, No Wires!
Virgin Hunter
2 Girls 1 Router
Hack me.
Network error.
Network Not Found.
No Free wi-fi for you.

Internet Costs $

Go Home Tourists

You Pay Now

Bring Beer and Women to 40.3

Child Toucher

Having a clever and funny wifi names is a great way to tease your annoying neighbors. These are some unique names if you want to freak out with people nearby accessing your network.

teasing wifi names

Drop it like its hotspot.
My Neighbors Suck.
Get Your Own Net Bro.
Stealing information.
Dare Enough to Connect now!

Epic WiFi Names

99 Problems, but WiFi ain’t one.

Look Ma, No wires.

We Use SKy228839 to Download Pron

Will you marry me!

How to change your Wireless Network Name:

Your Wireless router comes with a default name and password. But you can change the name and password to anything you want in a few clicks.

changing the default name gives you a chance to use something different that “DLINK-420” or “LINKSYS”. You should also use a password that is easy to remember.

for more detailed information how to change Wi-Fi name check this article.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best cool funny WiFi names. If you want to surprise your neighbor, use one of these as your wifi name. Let me know if you have any crazy ideas for WiFi names below in the comment section.

until next time, Archer.

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