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Fetch Rewards Review: Tips, Hacks, and Exclusive Referral Code!

As a consumer in today’s digital age, I often find myself overwhelmed by the number of shopping and loyalty reward programs available to me.

While these programs can provide great benefits and savings, it can be challenging to keep track of all the different rewards, points, and perks that come with them.

That’s where Fetch Rewards comes in – a mobile app that simplifies the rewarding process by consolidating all my shopping receipts and turning them into valuable points and savings.

With over 10 million downloads and partnerships with major retailers, Fetch Rewards has quickly become my go-to choice for streamlining my rewards experience.

In this article, I’ll dive into everything you need to know about Fetch Rewards – from how it works to the benefits it offers – so you can decide if it’s the right rewards program for you.

What are Fetch Rewards?

As a savvy shopper, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to earn rewards while I shop. That’s why I was excited to hear about Fetch, the popular consumer loyalty app that’s rapidly expanding.

It’s worth noting that at the beginning of 2023, the app was replaced by Fetch Rewards – a free mobile app that lets customers earn rewards points simply by logging their receipts.

It’s important to clarify that the rewards app is not related to the Fetch package delivery app.

One of the things I love about Fetch Rewards is the wide variety of brands that participate, including major players like Starbucks and Target.

By logging my receipts through the app, I can earn points that can be redeemed for valuable gift cards and other rewards.

And since the app accepts receipts from numerous retailers, I can earn rewards no matter where I shop.

With the help of the free shopping app Fetch Rewards, you can earn points by scanning your receipts. Receipts from numerous retailers are accepted by Fetch.

The app frequently features specific brands and products, so making an eligible purchase will earn you bonus points.

Never forget to shop around for the best deal rather than chasing points. All you need to do is do your normal shopping; the app will handle the rest.

Fetch Rewards Review

The Fetch Rewards App’s lack of offers is the first thing I noticed about it. But from what I’ve read, this happens a lot with new apps.

Since Fetch Rewards is growing quickly, I anticipate seeing more offers in the future.

Even though Fetch Rewards may not offer the highest payouts per offer, the time you spend using the app isn’t all that long.

I typically only need about 60 seconds to open the app and scan your receipt.

I’m still making $12 per hour even at the lowest offer, which is .25 cents (and probably more since all offers aren’t this low).

You must be able to obtain specific information.

You may occasionally scan the top or the entire receipt.

When you have scanned enough data, the application will notify you (there are check boxes next to the info it needs to collect like store name, amount, etc.) It happens in a matter of seconds.

Is fetch rewards dangerous?

When it comes to apps that offer rewards or cashback, it’s crucial to know where you stand safety-wise. Fetch Rewards is in the spotlight, so let’s see how it measures up in terms of user safety and privacy.

Anonymity and Privacy

Fetch Rewards takes your privacy seriously by anonymizing user data. Picture your shopping data as a drop in an ocean of information; it blends in, stripped of any identifiers that link back to you.

This means your buying patterns are analyzed without compromising your identity, keeping your information out of the direct view of prying eyes.

Personal Information: What’s Needed?

The app is pretty reserved about the personal details it asks for.

You won’t need to hand over any bank or credit card details; just some basic info like your name and birth date.

This is a common practice among apps and reduces the risk associated with sharing more sensitive data online.

Data for Deals: The Give and Take

Here’s the compromise:

Fetch Rewards takes the anonymized data and sells it to companies.

This data helps companies understand consumer trends and target advertisements more effectively.

While this practice is widespread, it’s worth considering how comfortable you are with your shopping habits being part of a larger dataset used for marketing.

Legitimacy and User Trust

Fetch Rewards isn’t just another app lost in the crowd. It’s backed by a large user base and positive reviews, which speaks volumes about its legitimacy and reliability.

Registration with the Better Business Bureau adds an extra layer of credibility, reassuring users of its standing.

My Opinion

Fetch Rewards shows a commitment to user safety through data anonymization and not require sensitive financial information.

The sale of data for marketing is a consideration, but it’s a common trade-off in the world of free apps.

Deciding to use Fetch Rewards should come down to how comfortable you are with these practices.

How do you get fetch rewards?

You can link your Fetch Rewards account to your Amazon account to start earning points from your purchases there.

Upon linking these accounts, you will start to accrue points for your eligible purchases. When you have earned enough points, you can exchange them for Amazon or other store gift cards.

Fetch Rewards Hacks

Sign up Bonus

New users can earn a sign-up bonus by entering a specific promo code upon account creation, starting with scanning their first receipt to immediately earn between 100 – 500 points. The promo code for a sign-up bonus is “AWPFV8“.

Scan Every Receipt

Make it a habit to scan every shopping receipt you receive, no matter how small the purchase. Fetch Rewards offers points for receipts from a wide range of stores, including groceries, restaurants, and retail outlets. Even if the receipt doesn’t include partnered brand items, you can still earn base points.

Buy Partner Brands

Prioritize purchasing items from brands that have partnered with Fetch Rewards. Since Fetch offers more points for purchasing these items, focusing your shopping on these brands can significantly increase your points tally.

Special Offers and Bonuses

Regularly check the Fetch Rewards app for special offers and bonus points opportunities. Fetch often runs promotions where you can earn extra points for purchasing specific products or meeting certain spending thresholds within a timeframe.

Refer Friends

Take advantage of the Fetch Rewards referral program. By sharing your unique referral code with friends and family, you can earn thousands of points when they sign up and scan their first receipt. This is a quick way to accumulate points without spending money.

Participate in Surveys and Partner Offers

Fetch Rewards sometimes offers additional ways to earn points, such as completing surveys or signing up for services from their partners. Keep an eye out for these opportunities within the app to boost your points balance without making purchases.

How to get 10000 points on fetch rewards?

You might be wondering how to use Fetch Rewards to get the most points possible.

Don’t worry;

We’ll cover some incredibly basic advice you can put to use right away to score as many points as you can. More points equals more cash!

Check out the Discover tab and/or refer your friends and family for the best and simplest way to earn all those Fetch points.

Just today, I noticed that buying Huggies cheese, snacks, diapers, and hygiene items would earn you many points.

If your household consumes cheese, picking up some Sargento cheese products will allow you to earn 5,750 points from the cheese alone.

How does Fetch Rewards make money?

Through affiliate commissions from their brand partners, Fetch Rewards generates revenue.

Since it is a market research firm, it also makes money by selling the information about your purchases, including the specifics of the receipts you uploaded, to various businesses.

To make the most of your Fetch Rewards points, take a look at a few important features and products.

Featured Products and Brands

A constantly changing list of companies and goods is available on Fetch that gives you bonus points when you buy them.

Remember to compare shops to avoid paying more for a product to earn points.

Special Deals

Fetch will display time-limited bonuses on the Discover page that you can obtain by making a particular purchase or finishing a task.

Keep an eye out for specials because even though these offers frequently have a time limit, they frequently appear.

Brands That Are Involved

By buying particular name-brand goods, you can accrue points with Fetch.

This is an easy way to earn points for things you already buy because Fetch partners with more than 400 brands.

Below are some of the popular brands that Fetch Rewards is partnered with:

Brand NameCategory
UnileverConsumer Goods
Kraft HeinzFood & Beverages
General MillsFood & Beverages
HuggiesBaby Products
DovePersonal Care
L’OréalBeauty & Cosmetics
NikeApparel & Footwear
Best BuyElectronics Retail
Panera BreadRestaurant
The Home DepotHome Improvement
Uber EatsFood Delivery Service
AmazonOnline Retail

Although you can find a list of them at the top of the Discover tab, I typically don’t base my purchases on these brands.

Associated Accounts

To quickly and easily redeem eligible eReceipts, you can link your Amazon and email accounts.

Fetch pulls receipts from your linked accounts so you can collect points for purchases that qualify.

Click the blue “E” icon at the bottom of the Discover or Activity page whenever you want to Fetch to check your connected accounts for fresh receipts.

Redeem Your Points for Cash

Fetch Rewards also offers the option to receive cash back via PayPal in addition to gift cards. This is a great way to get cash back if that’s what you prefer.

Food from any retailer

Even if you don’t frequently purchase items from well-known national brands, Fetch still lets you accumulate points. You will receive at least 25 points for each receipt when you make purchases at any of the following merchants:

  • Grocery stores
  • Supermarkets
  • store clubs
  • Hardware and home improvement stores
  • pets shops
  • alcohol retailers

Of course, the minimum is only 25 points. If your receipt contains a Special Offer or an item from a participating brand, you’ll earn more.

Additionally, Fetch allows you to earn points when you upload dining or shopping receipts from any other merchant.

Previously, these receipts could only earn five points, but now they can earn a minimum of 25 points.

Do Fetch Rewards steal your credit card info?

No, Fetch does not keep a record of your credit card information, nor does it ask you to connect your bank account.

Fetch Rewards does not request your credit/debit card number or banking information at any point, including when you sign up for the app or redeem gift cards.

Every time you shop, all you have to do is upload your receipt to start earning points.

You can then exchange those points for gift cards. Fetch Rewards only asks for the following information during app registration:

  • Full Name
  • Birthdate
  • Email Address
  • Residence
  • Phone Number

Why does fetch rewards want receipts?

Vendors are only permitted to print the last five digits of their credit or debit card number on the receipt following federal law. Nothing else, not even the expiration date, can be printed.

Because of this, Fetch can only extract information about your shopping habits from your receipt, such as what you bought, where and when you made each purchase, how much you spent, etc.

You should refrain from uploading a receipt if it contains additional information that you don’t want to share.

What do fetch rewards do with your receipts?

Fetch Rewards scans your receipt using image recognition technology to identify any items that qualify for points.

On qualifying purchases, you’ll receive points back; the quantity you receive depends on the brand. You can upload ANY receipt from ANY store or restaurant to Fetch to earn points, the company claims.

They assert that almost all physical retailers’ physical receipts are accepted. However, a lot of Fetch users are still unclear about the kinds of stores that qualify.

Users frequently ask questions like “Can I scan gas receipts on Fetch rewards?”. Yes, you can scan gas receipts on fetch rewards, to answer your question.

On their website, Fetch Rewards states that they accept any receipt, but this is not entirely accurate. Fetch still disapproves of some receipt types.

What types of receipts are excluded from the Fetch app’s acceptance? The following transactions are not currently accepted:

  • Movie passes
  • Tickets to a concert
  • Salons
  • Electricians
  • stubs from public transportation
  • flight tickets
  • receipts from a provider of services
  • receipts for goods returned

How many recipes did fetch rewards shoppers snap in February?

The total number on changed over 20 million times, indicating that 20 million or more receipts were scanned.

Are fetch rewards worth it?

Wondering if Fetch Rewards is worth it? It’s become a staple in my routine, alongside Ibotta, ReceiptPal, and GetUpside, for its ease of use.

Actively engaging with the Discover tab and purchasing recommended brands can lead to success.

It’s one of the easiest side hustles, requiring only a short time commitment to potentially rack up rewards quickly. To boost your cashback, consider using multiple apps together.

Fetch Rewards offers a simple way to earn a bit on the side for regular in-store shoppers. Uploading receipts is fast, but don’t expect huge earnings; each receipt earns 25 points.

Without buying from partner brands, 40 receipts are needed for $1. If sparing a few seconds for some extra cash monthly sounds fair to you, it’s worthwhile.

Yet, if privacy is a major concern, the trade-off might not appeal to you.

Fetch provides a straightforward method to gain extra from your usual shopping, with minimal time investment needed for submitting receipts.

Although accumulating significant rewards takes time, a variety of valuable gift cards await once you do.

Popular Gift Cards you can get Wirth Fetch Reward points

  • Amazon
  • American Cancer Society
  • Best Buy
  • Delta
  • Hulu
  • Marshalls & T.J Maxx
  • Southwest
  • Target
  • The Home Depot
  • Uber
  • Visa Prepaid
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods Market

FAQs about Fetch Rewards

Are fetch rewards dangerous?

Fetch Rewards is not a dangerous app. Even though you share your customer information when you upload receipts, there isn’t much of a chance for theft or fraud.

Only the information that you choose to share is submitted, and you are compensated for doing so.

Does fetch rewards sell your information?

Fetch claims that they gather user data so they can interact with and serve their users more effectively. However, Fetch shares the data you give them with their brand partners.

Are fetch rewards legal?

I have personally discovered Fetch Rewards to be a reliable and trustworthy business that issues real gift cards in exchange for free points you can earn by scanning your purchase receipts.

How many receipts do Fetch Rewards shoppers snap in a month?

There is a scan limit in fetch. They won’t accept receipts older than 14 days, and you are only allowed to scan 35 receipts in a rolling 7-day period.

How many fetch reward shoppers are there?

Fetch Rewards’ daily user count reached 5 million for the first time, with the app being used by more than 17 million people each month.

How many receipts do Fetch Rewards get a month?

They won’t accept receipts older than 14 days, and you are only allowed to scan 35 receipts in a rolling 7-day period.

How many Fetch Rewards shoppers are there?

Fifteen million people use Fetch.

What is the fetch rewards points value?

The value of Fetch Rewards points is typically around 1,000 points for approximately $1.

However, the exact value can vary, and Fetch recently adjusted the number of points needed to redeem many popular gift cards.

For example, a $25 Amazon gift card now requires 28,000 points​

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