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How to Make Money With Your Car? 6 Great Business Ideas

The car has long ceased to be something special and has moved into the category of necessary things available to everyone. Most often, we use the car to solve such everyday tasks as getting from home to the office, taking the children to school, or going to the store. 

Also, we often get an advantage from a rental car when it’s impossible to use our vehicle. Rental cars for under 25 make driving possible even for young people.

However, despite using your personal or rental car for individual use, have you considered it as a way to make money? If not, then we are ready to share with you some attractive and profitable business ideas. Start the engine and go!

Courier services 

Today, many companies require couriers, which they prefer to take from outside. This is because private couriers are cheaper. You can find many ads on the Internet about searching for an employee with a car. 

To contact the employer, it’s enough to call the specified phone number. Another way to search for orders is special services that help the courier and the customer find each other. 

Working as a courier is quite simple – you deliver parcels or correspondence in your car, and the company pays full fuel costs and provides a fixed income. The advantage of a business is a flexible schedule and the possibility of part-time work. For example, you can work as a courier when you are not busy with your main job. 

The disadvantage is that the courier is responsible for delivery. If something happens to the parcel or you don’t deliver it on time, you will need to pay a forfeit. Therefore, an important requirement for a courier is punctuality and responsibility.

This will allow you to deliver orders on time and not receive a late penalty. If you’re not punctual, then it’s better to choose another business idea.

Advertise on Your Car

Turn your vehicle into a moving billboard and earn extra cash without changing your routine.

Companies like Carvertise, Wrapify, and Nickelytics offer drivers the chance to wrap their cars with ads, paying an average of $100-$500 per month depending on the campaign and coverage of the wrap.

These reputable firms handle the cost of applying and removing wraps, ensuring a scam-free experience.

It’s a straightforward way to monetize your daily commute or errands, with payments typically made monthly and opportunities for additional bonuses based on specific campaigns​

Cargo transportation 

One of the most popular ways of making money on a truck is cargo transportation. At the initial stage, study the market and your potential customers, including popular routes, standard delivery times, and prices. 

Then determine what type of service you will provide. This can be the transportation of bulky or oversized items, targeted transportation, as well as assistance in private and commercial moving.

Also, think about accessibility. Will you provide services within a city, region, or country? 

Searching for customers is a very important stage of business activity because the cost of the service depends on the number of orders. The more orders you receive, the lower your fuel costs.

City excursions 

An original way to make money with your car is by providing individual excursions on wheels. You don’t have to live in Los Angeles or New York for this. The main thing is that the city has interesting places and sights to visit. Tours by car are much more comfortable for travelers, but this doesn’t mean that they will watch sights from the car window. 

Use your car to move from one point to another. In addition, arrange excursions to neighboring cities. The most important thing here is to be not only a good driver but also a guide. You should also be an interesting storyteller and a good public speaker. 

Second, you need to be friendly and welcoming and be able to adapt to your customers if necessary. In addition, you must create an exciting program and develop several routes. A good option would be to combine walking and car traveling. During the trip, travelers can relax and digest the information received in the walking part of the tour. 

So if you are a great orator with excellent creativity who also drives a car, then this business will suit you best.

Designated driver

While having fun, nobody wants to worry about getting home later. Nobody, except the designated driver. This is a simple but profitable idea of ​​how to make money if you are a driver. What’s more, you don’t even need a personal car in this case. 

The essence of the service is to call the driver, who will take the drunk client home and take his car to the parking lot or garage. Despite some features with insurance and the ability to drive someone else’s vehicle, the service is in demand, especially in large cities. On the Internet, you can find many sites and ads offering the designated driver service. Therefore, you know what to do to find clients.

Turnkey moving service

People move often, especially in large cities. Any move is quite troublesome, so moving assistance is very relevant today. 

What is turnkey moving? This service involves the transportation of things from one place to another. The list includes dismantling furniture, packing cargo, loading, transporting and unloading, and collecting furniture at a new location. 

Today you can find many announcements from those who are ready to provide such services. But people prefer to choose financially responsible people. Therefore, it’s necessary to draw up a contract to avoid conflict situations with the customer. In the contract, be sure to write down your tariffs and the responsibility of the parties. The more detailed the contract is, the easier it is for you to work. You can contact a lawyer for help in preparing a sample contract. 

You will also need to find an assistant because you can’t cope with loading alone. Where to look for clients? Leave ads on the Internet, on information boards, or through alternative sources. In general, when starting a business, actively advertise your services to get the first orders as soon as possible!

Mobile car wash 

You can start a mobile car wash business with your car. This is a great alternative to classic car washes, where competition is very high. A mobile car wash is a service that provides car maintenance services at the address specified by the customer. 

The business works quite simply: you take the order, calculate the cost, and go to the specified address. There you carry out a mobile dry cleaning by using polymer detergents. This usually takes 20 – 30 minutes. For such a wash, no water is needed, which makes it possible to provide services anywhere. The technology is simple enough so anyone can try it.

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