is A Scam? Check the complete details here

Is A Scam? Check the complete details here

More and more online shopping sites are being established as time passes. These sites proudly tout their products and perks, showing the world what makes them stand out from their competitors. In the case of, the online shop caters to both men’s and women’s accessories.

The company offers apparel and accessories for both women and men at affordable prices, which is why potential customers are intrigued.

But before you dive in and purchase everything you want on Feogi, there must be some questions floating through your head. For instance, are Feogi Accessories up to par with your expectations? Does the company offer high-quality products?

In this review, you’ll find everything you need to know about We’ll take a look at the retailer’s price range, shipping information, and more. So, be sure to read on so you can determine if Feogi is a service that you want to get involved with before making a decision.

This online shop offers both men’s and women’s accessories, which include fashion accessories, jewelry, sunglasses/eyewear, watches/clocks, and other forms of apparel. The sections are clearly defined for customers who would like to browse through the different categories of products that Feogi has to offer.

About is an online store that offers a wide range of products. The retailer aims to provide affordable fashion accessories for men’s and women’s needs. The company also wants to offer inexpensive shipping and handling fees for every purchase made by customers from anywhere in the world.

If this sounds like the kind of product you want to purchase, then keep reading because we’ll be taking a look at how Feogi works and whether or not this is the retailer for you.

Founded in 2005, starting from just a small mall kiosk, Feogi is a family-owned and operated jewelry business based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Although the family behind Feogi has been in business for two decades, they have carried on the tradition of keeping all customs with multiple manufacturing facilities and retail locations. They are involved in every department from start to finish. Range of Collections

A wide variety of jewelry may be found on the website These products may be worn for a range of different events and are often inspired by contemporary fashions with ground-breaking personalities.

In addition, they sell a selection of jewelry that is appropriate for every occasion. Our designs are both utilitarian and fashionable, and they range from rings for everyday wear to pendants for formal occasions.

The watches include a variety of styles and designs, from stylish women’s watches to stylish men’s watches. Our collection includes unique watch pieces, from bold statement watches to chic watches for women.

We also have a wide selection of branded watch brands for our customers, including Rolex, Calvin Klein, Fossil, and many more. Our watches are available in various price ranges to fit your budget.

Pricing and Shipping is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality and value for their money. As such, we are proud to have a wide range of watch brands to choose from and can help you find the look of your dreams.

Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by our artists in our manufacturing facilities. We take great care to make each piece of jewelry as unique as possible, which is why we use a variety of techniques, including bead-blasting, engraving, and carving.

The quality of the products is guaranteed, and we make every effort to ship your order in a timely manner. Customers are able to receive the best prices around with our low shipping rates. We offer free shipping to customers located in most of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

It is important for any shopper who is on a budget to be able to compare various options. This allows them to make informed decisions on which option is best for them and their wallet. The Prices for are premium category prices. The quality is good, though.

Shipping Information

It is important that you are aware of the shipping information for This information will help you know how long it will take for your order to arrive at your house and how much the shipping fees will be.

You must also be aware of the return policies with this business if you purchase anything from their online store on in case there are any problems with your order once it arrives at your house, which may take around 2-4 weeks.

Shipping Methods: Orders are processed Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The orders are shipped according to the available shipping options, which are:

United States: Express Mail Service (EMS) 5-7 Business Days; Free shipping with a minimum order of $200

Canada: Fedex® Priority Express, 2-3 Business Days; Free shipping with a minimum order of $200.00

Australia: FedEx® Priority 2–5 Business Days; Free Shipping with a Minimum Order of $200.

Is a scam?

We want you to be satisfied with the products you purchase from However, we do want you to be aware that some people have a bad experience when they first buy something online.

The reason why is that there are a lot of people who are worried about the delivery of the product and how safe it is. They don’t know where it is coming from, and they don’t know if they can trust the company or not. has a mix of positive and negative reviews on TrustPilot. The common complaints involve the long shipping time, refund issues, problems with the actual products they received, and the longevity of the products.

Many customers mentioned that the items they received didn’t look like the photos on the product listing and that they were of poor quality.

On the other hand, has its fair share of positive reviews, which state that they were pleasantly surprised with what they received and that they arrived right on time.

However, it’s worth noting that the positive reviews may not be as trustworthy as we’d like. Take this information into consideration if you’re interested in shopping at this online store.


If you are fond of shopping at budget-friendly fashion accessory sites, may be one of the retailers you’re considering. While the company does have a wider selection of Fashion items compared to other sites, you need to weigh the pros and cons first.

As mentioned, customers have had issues getting refunds or with the product’s quality. While it does seem like is a legit company, it has its flaws too. So if you want to be safe, it may be best if you go for other, more renowned brands.

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