Theshopera Reviews By Customers Online

Theshopera Reviews By Customers Online
Theshopera Reviews By Customers Online

Online shopping has been growing in popularity in recent years and it’s not hard to understand why. This has been made possible by the internet which has improved the process of shopping for both consumers and retailers. Websites like eBay and Amazon allow buyers to view products online, look up customer reviews, compare prices, purchase products from other people who have used them before, and pay for their purchases with no hassle. This type of convenience is difficult to resist for shoppers looking for a new wardrobe or an exciting new consumer item such as furniture.

At the same time, a lot of online shopping sites are also popping up. The authenticity of those sites is mostly unknown. Can you shop on those new online sites because they are offering some low prices? Absolutely no. Because you could be the victim of online shopping scams. Those sites may not provide a quality product or offer any refund policy.

So how can you be sure that the seller of this product will provide a quality and authentic product when you need it? Read the reviews provided by previous customers. If a high number of customers are complaining about fake goods or the products are damaged after shipping, or the promised delivery date is not there, it is time to run for safety.

There have been countless online shopping scams around the world and most of them don’t offer refunds. In this article, we are going through one of such details which is Theshopera reviews. By looking at this article, you will completely get an idea of how trustworthy this website is and a lot of other details.

What is TheShopera Website all about?

Theshopera is an online site that retails in the Shoe, Bag, and Boot category with Women’s Real Leather Tote2021 New Fashion handbags, Sneakers Breathable Running Shoes Outdoor Sports Fashion Comfortable, Knit Sneakers Breathable Athletic Running Walking Gym Shoes Unisex, Breathable Athletic Sport Shoes Designer Comfortable Soft Jogging, and other collections.

This website was registered on 2022-05-15, it is just a 6-month-old domain, according to the whois record. And the trust score of this site is only 1% which is high concerning its legitimacy.

TheShopera Website Reviews – Is it a Scam?

On the surface, Theshopera seems like a reputable site. But when we look at the reviews provided by clients and previous customers we can see that there are some very serious issues with this online shopping site. These are the reasons why you should stay away from this online shopping site:

This is not a secure website

When you want to shop online, security is one of the most important factors that you must consider. And if there are TheShopera reviews, it means customers have been scammed by this website. One of the customers said “I paid for my order, then I received a message that the item was out of stock. But my account was charged. So I sent them an email and they never responded to me.”

If you want to shop safely and securely then you should think about purchasing from reliable websites such as:

  1. The shipping costs are ridiculously high on this site

When you have placed your order on this online shopping website, you will be asked to pay extra shipping costs that can cost up to $30 or even $50! If a product is being shipped over 2 pounds, it will cost almost $50? That’s just ridiculous.

  1. TheShopera is a newly registered website

A brand-new site with no reviews or existing business cannot be trusted. It might be a scam or it might have some serious quality issues. If you want to shop safely and securely, then you should purchase from a known brand that has proven itself over the years. And this definitely is not the case with Theshopera.

  1. Website Design

The design of the Website looks completely copied and resembles the most problematic online shopping websites. And the content of the website doesn’t look genuine either. If we conduct a plagiarism test, the website could not pass its genuinity. So, it all brings down to suspicious thoughts.

  1. Customer Support

Theshopera com website has failed to maintain a good customer support system. The email address provided as “[email protected]” But again it looks fake to me. When I tried to reach email. There was nobody there to reply to my concerns regarding the website. All the contact details including three Addresses, and telephone numbers are fake. The Address is pointing to some Japanese restaurant instead of his theshopera website. And telephone number was also listed on many other online shopping websites which are fake.

  1. Shoppers are not happy with the quality of the products

If you have read enough Theshopera reviews, you will see that people are complaining about the fact that all their products are fake, the box or packaging is damaged and there are no available refunds. If a company is selling fake products and does not bother to solve issues with customers, then it is definitely not a trustworthy shopping site.

TheShopera Online Reviews

The study found that the website hasn’t been gaining any traction on the internet, as there is no review shard listed anywhere. Additionally, there is no area for reviews or client scores on the official site. People who have lost money in the Paypal fiasco are waiting for the company to release accurate information about what happened. The best way to find out what you need to do is to contact Pay

Here is a serious concern about the Website

First, it is selling the products at too low prices which is unreasonable for a store so new.

It’s About Us section not only has a poor write-up but it is 100% copied from the internet. Not only the About Us section, but it has a bad write-up in all the sections.

Lastly, the email address they have provided on their website is associated with other SCAM sites.


I can clearly see there is a scam. I can’t believe how much the company must be taking advantage of customers. They are making money from people’s frustration. They are a SCAM! It is absolutely not worth my time to shop here.

This is one of the most suspicious stores I have ever come across. In my extensive experience with online shopping, I had never encountered such scam sites before. Well, enough is enough. I am going to report this site and see what happens next.

This website is so bad that it has to be exposed and I hope that this article will help many people do the same. If you have any queries or doubts about the TheShopera reviews, please feel free to ask in the comment box below

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