Websites like Ruble – Here’s the complete list

Websites like Ruble - Here's the complete list
Websites like Ruble – Here’s the complete list

Are you interested in earning some rubles? Are you aware of the websites that provide daily ruble earnings opportunities? Numerous websites claim that they will pay you money in exchange for your “likes,” “follows,” and “comments” on an image or video. People from all over the world are looking for legitimate websites that will pay you rubles for things like watching movies and giving them likes.

The article will provide you with complete information about Websites Similar to Ruble. So, please read the entire article to find out more details about the websites like Ruble. To earn Rubles online using these websites, you need to perform a few tasks such as surveys, watching video ads, etc.

How to earn rubles?

Below we are going to provide some websites similar to Ruble to earn rewards in Ruble. You need to browse through the all websites provided below and find relevant websites like Ruble. All these websites are verified and you’ll be safe visiting these websites.

By using these websites, you will not only be rewarded with Ruble, but also get rewarded with other perks from the site. So, to get a lot of rubles, check the sites that reward the most and invest your time there.

We all know that the Ruble has maintained its stage as the strongest currency. So, these websites like rubles are of good use to get some rubles in your Account. After earning the Rubles, you can convert them into your local currency and transfer them back to your Account. So, without wasting much time, let’s get into the list of Ruble Websites.

1. Getlike

This is one of the best Websites to earn some Rubles. All you need to do complete simple tasks: like, follow, leave a comment, repost, vote, and get paid for it some Instagram posts, and stories. Apart from Instagram, you can also earn real money by using TikTok as well as Twitter.

All the money earned through the App will be displayed on your dashboard. And you will be paid every 1-2 days after you claim them in Rubles. You can earn more money by joining their affiliate program where you need to invite your friends and colleagues to the program. You will be rewarded 50% of the money earned from your referrals. Top affiliates are already earning more than 10000 rubles per day.

The Minimum Payment amount is only 100 rubles. You can earn over 200 rubles per day. As soon as you reach this amount, you can request a withdrawal to your bank account or PayPal. Now let’s check out some of the interesting features of this Ruble’s website below.


  • Get free Instagram likes, followers
  • The App is absolutely safe as it doesn’t require your username or password.
  • Top users who can earn as much as 1000 rubles per day.

Official Website:

2. Vktarget

This is another useful website like Ruble. Just like the Get like website, you will be doing the same tasks here. vktarget website has a mobile application where users can install and complete simple tasks to earn money. Unfortunately, the app is not available on Google Play Store. You can install it from third-party sources. You can use this link to download the Application.

Vktarget offers multiple withdrawal methods where one can redeem their earned Rubles from the App. They also offer an affiliate program where users can earn an additional 15% of advertising revenue or commission from the completed tasks.


  • This website is also based on social media.
  • You will have to like, follow, and comment to get rubles.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is 15 rubles from this website.

Official Website:

3. ruCaptcha

This is another interesting website similar to Ruble. All you need to do is to solve the captcha from the Website. The website will reward Rubles for solving captchas. You will have two kinds of captchas a regular and a js captcha. For regular captcha, workers will earn around $15.43 for 1000 regular cpatchas. and $60.31 for Js captchas.

ruCaptcha is one of the simplest and fastest ways to earn rubles and has several payment methods “PayPal, Payoneer, bitcoin, etc


  • Earn money by solving a captcha on your mobile phone
  • To earn money, you just need to register for the service and start working.
  • Start making money online without investment.
  • Easy earnings without cheating by entering the captcha with a quick withdrawal of money

Official website:

4. IPweb Surf

If you are looking for some other website like Ruble that will help you to get rubles from social media, then you can go ahead and try this one. Here you will have to give likes and comment on social media, and that will provide you with all the Rubles as per your work. The minimum withdrawal is 5 rubles needed to get it into your bank.

The service also has a mobile application. All your work will be processed from there. Well, given below are the features that make this website one of the best Websites Like Ruble.


  • Earnings on tasks implementation.
  • Earnings on surfing, and social networks.
  • Earnings on reading emails.

Official website:

Click Here

5. SocPublic

This is another great Russian website that will provide Rubles for simple tasks completed. Thousands of tasks and small assignments are waiting for you! Earn money online by doing work on the Internet with daily payment! Apart from regular tasks, one can earn more Rubles by referring the website to others.

You will earn up to 30% to 70% on the income generated by your referrals. The minimum wage is from 11 rubles, automatic payments depend on the status. In manual payment (1-4 days), you can withdraw as much as you like. Output to: Bank cards, WebMoney, QIWI, YuMoney, Payeer, PerfectMoney.


  • Use it as a main income or side job
  • Withdraw money to cards and wallets
  • Participate in regular contests
  • Get daily bonuses
  • Lead referrals

Official Website:

6. TeaserFast

There are a lot of different tasks for different websites to provide rubles. This is one of those websites, where you will have to go ahead and browse into a different browser. You will also get paid for browsing itself. So, you will basically get rubles from these browsers themselves. Also, the most interesting thing about this browser is the withdrawal limit, which is just 1 ruble.

All you need to do is install the Teserfast chrome extension on your browser and browse the internet as you normally do. The minimum withdrawal limit is 1 ruble. The extension periodically displays promotional Teasers and promotional messages inviting you to view the site while you are using the browser. We pay money for viewing ads, which you can withdraw to Payeer and Webmoney wallets.


  • Best browser-based application to earn Rublesonline
  • With this extension, you can earn real money by watching ads.
  • Withdrawal of money to Payeer and Webmoney.

Official website:

Download chrome extension

7. SurfEarner

SurfEarner is quite similar to Teaserfast. This is basically an extension to your browser, and you will have to go ahead and watch different banners, and then you will have to perform different tasks. Once you will see all those banners, and perform those tasks, you will be getting money in rubles. So, you just need to use this extension and follow all the steps to get rubles.


  • This is basically an extension to the web browser.
  • You will have to go ahead and see different banners.
  • Also, you will have to perform different tasks to get rubles.

Due to their many advantages over sites that pay in dollars, Russian sites that allow users to make money online in Rubles are gaining a lot of popularity every day. In this post, we will highlight only the best and most reliable paying sites, where users can earn rubles directly on Payeer by completing a variety of tasks or even on autopilot.

Official Website:

Download the extension

Websites like Ruble FAQ

Q. Are These Websites Like Ruble Legit?

A. We know there are many sites on the internet promising to reward users with rubles. And in the end, the users are tossed anyhow. But these sites have been used and verified to reward their users with rubles.

These websites are absolutely safe and make sure you are not visiting spoof websites. Else, you will be pissed.

Q. What should I do on Websites Like Ruble?

While talking about several features for different and some of the best Websites Like Ruble, you can go ahead and choose from the type of the website, like, follow, share on social media, play ads, lotteries, mining, and so on.

Q. Are there any gambling websites to earn Rubles?

A. coloriba and a few other websites will provide lotteries to get rubles. Once you will start playing those lotteries, you will be getting rubles while you will win. Also, this website will allow you to withdraw a minimum of 10 rubles as well. If you are fond of lotteries, then this is one of the perfect websites like ruble for you.

Q. What is the best mining website like Ruble?

A. If you are planning to mine rubles, you can go ahead and access the website known as Million. You will have to perform different tasks to get all the Rubles, that you can use. This website has a minimum withdrawal of 50 rubles as well.

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