Hundreds of Americans should get a $125 deposit before school starts next month - know how to apply for it.

Based on the governor's office, qualified staff and teachers will receive...

...another $125 "Back-to-school Material Supplement"

Governor Brian Kemp stated, "As we enter into the new school season...

...we will keep striving to empower our teachers with the resources they need"  

We believe our relief payment will help teachers arrange classrooms...

...and welcome students to safe, efficient learning platform. 

An identical scheme was initiated for Early summer 2022.

Both child care educators and selective staff members, as well as... child care and learning home providers will be eligible for this benefit.

GCB picks counselors, librarians, school nurses, and SLPs.

The payments may be utilized for "age-appropriate, instructional materials, equipment, or other goods"

Enhancing classroom resources, addressing learning loss, or benefiting students' education...

are some legitimate educational aims. Eligible childcare workers will obtain the payments instantly.

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