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Top 11 Best and Funny Prank Call Apps for Android

Prank calls are the best way to make fun of your friends. we need an unknown number and change of voice to plan a clever prank call without getting caught. Fake call/ Prank call apps for android super conveniently do this. Today, we are going to discover some of the best prank call apps that will help us to pull off some great pranks. These prank apps are very easy to use and you can even use your own recorded voices.

Android is an awesome platform where we can do almost anything. Like, recently I have published an article about GPS Spoofer, which will help us to fake a location and get access to exclusive features of games and services over the internet.

Now, let’s dive into our topic, free prank call apps for Android. I have listed some of the best prank apps below, they may not be in any particular order. But, please check them out one by one.

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List of Best Prank Call Apps

1. Fake-A-Call Free

This is one of the best fake call apps that help you to escape from a boring class, meeting or an awkward date! This app will let others believe that you got a call in the middle of the conversation. Take advantage of this app and escape from the irksome things.

Fake Call/ Prank call Apps for Android

Fake-A-Call has both free and paid version. The paid version is loaded with some extra scripts and voices. And you’ll see no ads. If you want, you can just use the free version. Both versions work equally fine. Download this app now and make your first fake call. I am sure you are going to love it.

Best Features of Fake-A-Call 

  1. Auto fill from contacts
  2. You can select your own ringtones
  3. Record voice on the other end
  4. You can even schedule calls

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2. Fake Call 2

Fake call 2 is yet another most professional and attractive caller id application on Android. T helps you to get out of some uneasy situations like boring meeting, annoying conversation, and meaningless interview etc.

fake call app/ prank apps for android

You can pretend like you have to attempt an urgent call. This is very helpful especially when your entire gang is eagerly waiting for your decision. You can make some time and give your decision in peace.

Unique features of Fake Call 2:

  1. You can set caller picture, Name, and Number
  2. Set call time and delays
  3. You can see some attractive graphics
  4. You can change the caller pic at any time by clicking on it

Download it now and experience some nice features along with pranks. I am sure you will definitely love it.

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3. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

This is one of the funniest prank call apps among the list. By using this app, you will definitely have some really good time with your friends over phone calls. This app will allow you to change your voice in real time and add crazy sound effects during the voice changer/ best free prank call app


The ultimate app to make funny phone calls over VOIP technology. Let’s see some of the unique features below

Features of Call  Voice Changer

  1. You can easily change the pitch of the voice while on the phone
  2. Spice up calls by playing funny sounds like siren, gong, dog bark and more
  3. Make your voice High and funny or deep and creepy

Important: As the calls are placed over the internet using VOIP so make sure you have a strong internet connection to use this app.

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4. Scare Your Friends

Well, it is advised to be careful while using this app. As it can bring hell out of from nowhere. People who fear more might through your phone away and damage it. This app even frightens even the toughest guy in your batch.

This app will suddenly come up a terrifying picture with a horror sound while using the phone. This can be very dangerous.

Three simple steps to set up this App

  1. Choose a horrifying picture
  2. Choose a sound
  3. Set interval and wait for it

Give your phone to your friend to play with. After the set time, this app will show its power. This is one of the funniest prank apps I have seen. Download it now and make some crazy pranks with your friends.

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5. Voice changer with effects

This is another best Prank App for Android. More than making pranks with friends, you can do more fun things with this App. This App offers more than 30 different effects to record your voice and listen to them in your free/ boring time.

prank call app/ voice changer with effects

It allows you to share your recordings with your friends using WhatsApp. You can also create an Image with sound and save them on WhatsApp, E-mail or Dropbox.

6. PrankOwl

PrankOwl is one of the best sites to make some really good pranks. It offers a lot of features that no app on this list does. that’s the reason, I have included Prank Owl on the list.

Prankowl offers a lot of awesome features to enjoy. Some of them are listed below. Please find them.

Features of PrankOwl

  1. Prank call your friends
  2. Make Your Friends Call each other
  3. Call from Any Number

How to Make a Prank call using PrankOwl

Step #1: Pick a Sound prank from different sounds such as Give Me my Cat Back, Don’t Message my Boyfriend, Pizza Order(male), Get Your Rottweiler etc.

Step #2: Enter the number of your friend

St3p #3: Click on the Start the Call button to send the prank sounds.

PrankOwl will give you 3 free tokens for the first time. You need at least 1 token to make the prank call with PrankOwl. If you like their Facebook page, you’ll get 2 more free PrankOwl credits.

You can unlock more features if you can get premium tokens that’ll keep you entertained for hours.

7. Prank Dial

prank dial free prank calls

Prank Dial is one of the best prank call apps for Android with over 150+ scripted smart response pranks. Trick your friends into thinking that they are talking to a real person. Let’s see some of the best features of Prank Dial below.

How does Prank Dial work

  1. Select a Prank
  2. Enter a Friend’s number
  3. Send a prank call and listen to their reaction

Features of Prank Dial

  1. You can have 3 Prank Calls a day
  2. 150+ Prank scenarios to choose from.  And the list will be updated regularly
  3. Listen to Hilarious reactions submitted by other users
  4. Send pranks from variety of numbers

8. Fake Call & SMS

THis is yet another useful prank call app for Android. You can Make calls and SMS absolutely for free. It has over a million downloads in Google Play Store. This is very easy and fun to use.

Some of the Key Features of Fake Call & SMS

  1. Select a Fake caller ID
  2. Change Name of the caller, Picture
  3. You can even set your own hello tunes
  4. Schedule the prank call and have fun

9. Fake Me A Call

This is yet another best prank call apps for Android users. By using this app, you can easily make a fake call without actually being called. To make this alibi more convincing, you can set up the calls to store in your real call log.

fake me a call prank call app

Unique Features of Fake Me A Call

  1. Turn on Vibration on Fake calls
  2. Choose a Fake call screen from 4 different fake call screens
  3. The fake call will be automatically missed if you don’t pick up after 25 seconds
  4. Proximity sensor is used to turn the fake call screen black when you place your phone at the ear
  5. This App is available in different languages such as Japanese, German and Bulgarian

10. Fake Call Prank

Do you want your friends to think you got an important call but you still prefer them over celebrities like a Bollywood actor, Cricketer or even the president of USA?. Then, record a voice and schedule the fake call. Once you lift the fake call, the recorded voice will be heard automatically. Now, let’s see some of the best features of this app below.

Features of Fake Call Prank

  1. You can set Name, Number, and Picture of the caller
  2. Record the voice according to the situation to play once you lift the call
  3. This App free to use. And you even make fake chat using this app
  4. Choose delay time to receive Fake call or SMS

Download this awesome prank call app today and turn your boring time into a hilarious one.

11. VIP Call Prank

This is one more interesting Prank call App for Android. You can trick your friends by using this simple prank App. After you set up a prank call, your phone will ring displaying images, Name and Mobile Number.

How to Use VIP Call Prank

  1. Select a Photo of your choice
  2. Enter the Name and Mobile Number
  3. Record the voice which you want after attending the call
  4. Set time to trigger the fake call

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These are some of the best Fake/ Prank Call Apps for Android Users in 2018. If I miss a funny App, please let us know in the comment section below. If you like it, please share with your friends. Thanks for reading.

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