is 1Movies blocked by your ISP? Are you looking for 1Movies Proxy sites to unblock You came to the right place. Today, I am going to provide you some of the best tricks to unblock Let’s get started. is an amazing movie streaming for those who want to enjoy the ad-free streaming experience. The website allows you to watch the latest movies and TV Shows without any disturbance. The same thing available on a premium movie streaming sites that usually charge a monthly fee for the features. That is the reason thousands of users visit this site on a regular basis to spend their leisure time.

1movies proxy and mirror sites

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Unfortunately, the site is not working for many users across the world. The reason being is the copyright violations put up on many streaming sites. One of them is So, If is not working for you, there are two reasons. One, it might be blocked by your ISP or the website itself discontinued. to check if the site is working, follow the guide below.

is Down Right Now?

Currently, is down and not working for everyone. It was down for more than a week. And probably it may not work in future as well. As you can see in the picture below. In this case, we may not able to access it via its main domain is down

To help you unblock I have provided a list of tricks below which will help you even if the main site is down and not working. check them below.

How to Unblock

If the main site is blocked by your ISP/Government/School, then simply follow the steps below to unblock

TOR Browser

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend your personal information against ISPs/Government that threatens personal freedom and privacy. It acts as an anonymous browser to help you unblock websites without revealing your identity.

Download TOR Browser

Web Proxy

The first step to access any blocked site is to use a proxy site. The proxy sites will help you to change your IP so that you can easily unblock the IP based restriction put up on your network or ISP. Here’s a list of 100+ Best proxy sites you can use.


VPN aka Virtual Private Network is a protocol that creates a safe and encrypted connection over the internet. Basically, It also helps us to unblock websites, apps, and geo-restricted services.

Among the three methods I provided above, VPN is the best choice I prefer.

However, the above methods work only when the actual is up and working. If is down or not working, you need to have a couple of 1Movies Proxy/Mirror sites.

The List of Proxy/Mirror Sites

These Proxy/Mirror sites I have provided below are the replica of the main site They contain the same design, database, and the number of movies, just operate on a different domain name. These Proxy sites are hosted in countries where is not blocked yet. So, whenever you are unable to access 1Movies website, by using 1Movies Proxy sites, you’ll always be able to access it.

1Movies Proxy/Mirror Sites

Website URL

1Movies Online
Proxy for
Unblock 1Movies Proxy
1Movies Website (New)
1Movies Alternatives
Unblock 1Movies Proxy
1Movies Alternatives
1Movies US Proxy
1Movies Proxy Mirror
1Movies UK Proxy

1Movies and many streaming sites are not illegal some countries due to pirated content that site attracts. So, It will be not ethical to use those sites according to your ISP. They can track such usage and may file a case against you. So, I recommend you to use a VPN while browsing the 1Movies Proxy/Mirror sites that I provided in the table above.

How to Browse Safely

Step1: Download and Install a VPN from this list I have provided above

Step2: Once the VPN is installed, Connect to the Internet and Open any one of the 1Movies Proxy sites I have provided in the table

Step3: It will quickly unblock the site and take you to home page

Step4: Now select a movie from the top list or search for the movie and enjoy awesome movie experience.

Over to You

With this, I am concluding this article on how to unblock with the 1Movies Proxy and Mirror sites. I hope it was helpful.

What do you think? Let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

Please report the dead links to us. We’ll update them as soon as possible. Thanks, guys.

1Movies Alternative Sites

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