9 Games for Students to Best Utilize time During Social Distancing

Students are stuck at home. Most of them have nothing to do except spending time on their computers.

They have classes every morning, and then they watch either movies or spend time chatting with their friends.

This dull and monotonous routine is making students lazy, brain-slow, and idle. The routine can have ill-effects on students because of a lack of participation in healthy activities.

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So, what can students do to remain healthy, active, and focused?

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best games that students can play during the COVID pandemic to brush up their skills.

All the games we have listed in this article have been tested by experts and are proven to improve brain activities. With that said, let’s discs each game in detail and understand how they can help students best utilize their time during COVID social distancing.

  1. Sudoku

First on our list is Sudoku. We all know how Sudoku can help turn average people into math wizards.

The game is on a 3 X 3 square, and the person has to complete the missing figures to that each square box has a figure from 0 to 9.

Similarly, there are 9 such squares, and you have to complete each one of them to complete the level. Just like this, the levels increase, and so makes the difficulty. Sudoku is a great game for anyone who is looking to improve their math skills, and it is a perfect game for students during the COVID crisis.

  1. Scrabble

Next, we have Scrabbles – a simple word game – that improve vocabulary and sentences. You can learn new words when you play scrabbles each day.

Moreover, not only this game improves your mental capacity, but it also helps you make decisions on a brim. When you have to make new words, you are actually thinking from your brain.

When you think more, your brain starts to make calculated decisions. This is essential for anyone who wants to get better at something.

Students can enhance their mental state, and learn more about words to improve their grades in English tests – both at the same time with Scrabbles.

  1. Chess

Chess is also called the ‘Kings game,’ and there is a reason behind that. It was invented so kings could make calculated decisions about the state of affairs.

Those kings that were good at chess had more successes in ruling the kingdom and expanding it. Similarly, today Chess is played by CEOs, Investors, and all those great minds who want to improve their level of strategy. They play the game regularly to increase their thinking process.

Students can take this healthy activity as well to learn how strategies work and how they can apply different strategies to get better. When they grow older, they will have a sound mind in a sound body that will help them achieve many successes in life.

  1. Solitaire

Similarly, those who are great at solitaire are also great at decision making. Their brains have formed this process of ascertaining risks and benefits faster than others that allow them to always succeed.

They only put their money where they are sure they have minimal risks and from where they can pull out easily. Solitaire is often played by stock traders, brokers, investors, and all those who are involved in financial activities.

Solitaire is a perfect game for students to up their level. They not only learn how to make better decisions than others, but they also learn about the consequences of bad decisions through this game.

  1. Puzzle game

Memory retention is a problem for everyone, students, or no students. Puzzle games help people improve their memory through retention games. Think about it this way. When you keep playing a game every day, you get better at it. Similarly, when you keep solving puzzles every day, you get better at solving problems. That’s what puzzles teach to students – how to solve regular school, college, university problems in the quickest way possible.

So, puzzle games, if played regularly, can have tons of benefits for the students.

  1. Battleships

Battleships is another strategy game that two players can play at the same time. You get a board. The board is separated from the middle, and on one side, your opponent has his ships, and on your side, you have your ships.

You don’t know where the opponent ships are. You can only guess that by pointing to each checkered section on the board.

Battleships is a perfect game to increase concertation and focus among small children. During the COVID pandemic, it is a must-play game for students who would like to increase their focus.

  1. Castle Defense

Castle Defense is a classic, timeless strategy game that helps the players understand how to fortify and defend their castles.

The attackers come in waves, and each second wave is stronger than the first one. In the castle defense game, you have to consistently fortify your castle through points you get by plundering the resources of the attackers.

Castle defense uses math and probability to understand how much to spend on defense to keep the castle guarded during enemy attacks.

For students who are interested in improving calculations, they can play this game regularly.

  1. Hangman

Hangman is another word guessing game. You can play it online on Unlimited Gamez Mo website.

The website also offers many more games once you have subscribed to it. Hangman is a perfect game for anyone who is like to improve their vocabulary. Even for students who want to guess a word in a time limit, they can play hangman.

  1. Swap

Bad at remembering things?

Swap is the right game for you. In the swap game, you will be shown a few things, and then they will be swapped.

You have to keep an eye on the object you guessed first to identify it again. You get more points when you have identified the object after multiple swaps.

The game is built to improve concentration, focus, and memory retention of the users. Today, most students have a short attention span. This game is perfect for them as it helps them overcome this problem pretty easily.

We hope you liked this list of the best games that students can play during the COVID pandemic. If you have any other game ideas that can be a part of our list, please do share them in the comments below.