BTDigg Proxy | List of BTDigg Unblocked Proxies and Mirror Sites

is BTDigg blocked? Can’t access BTDigg? Are you looking for some best working BTDigg Proxy/Mirror Sites to Unblock If your answer is YES to one of these questions, you are in the right place. Because today, I am going to provide you the complete details to unblock BTDigg with the help of BTDigg Proxy/Mirror sites. Enjoy!

BTDigg was also known as BitTorrent Digger. The BTDigg is a unique torrent search engine of its kind. instead of relying on .torrent files, the site uses BitTorrent’s DHT to find new files. All the results are displayed as .magnet links to download free movies, TV Shows, Ebooks, Software, and Full Games etc. It’s a great place to find the torrent files that can’t be found on The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents.

However, from the last few days, many users are complaining that they are unable to browse BTDigg in their network. There are two reasons why you are unable to access this site. One it should be blocked by your ISP or they have moved to a new domain. Let’s find the details below.

btdigg proxy and Mirror sites

is BTDigg Down Right Now?

It seems BTDigg is down for everyone. That means they have discontinued the domain In this case, we need a couple of working BtDigg Proxy and MIrror sites to unblock this site. Below, here I have provided a list of 15+ Best Working BTDigg Proxy and Mirror sites that you should utilize instantly unblock the site. They have tested today and 100% working. You can browse the same torrent files using these proxy sites below. So, you don’t need to worry that you are not able to access the original site.

How to Unblock

If the main site is up and running you can use the following tools to unblock on your computer.

Tor Browser

TOR is a private network wherein individual computers connect to a network to share the bandwidth and browse the internet anonymously. You can use the TOR Browser to unblock any geo-restricted websites like BtDigg easily. Just type in the URL in the browser address bar and click on Enter. it will spontaneously unblock the site for you.

Download TOR Browser

Web Proxy

The first tool to access any blocked site is to use a third Proxy or list of VPN. However, these proxy sites come with less security and slow down your internet connection as well. Sometimes, they also have malicious scripts that can really harmful to your computer.

List of BtDigg Proxy/Mirror Sites

These BTDigg Proxy and Mirror sites are the replica of the main site They have the same design, torrents, and updates as the original domain. Just on a different domain. These BTDigg Proxy/Mirror sites are hosted in countries where BTDigg is not blocked yet. So, If you are unable to access in your network by means of these proxies you will always be able to access your favorite torrent site, btdigg.

After the VPN is installed, just click on any of the BTDigg Proxy/Mirror I have provided above. The link will instantly unblock the BtDigg torrent search engine in your internet connection.

Over to You

with this, I am concluding this article on how to unblock BtDigg by using BtDigg Proxy/Mirror sites. I hope it was helpful.

What do you think of this list? or Did I miss anything? Let me know your favorite method to unblock

Bookmark this page as we will keep adding more and more BTDigg Proxy and Mirror sites as we find them. In the meanwhile, If you have any working BtDigg Proxy and Mirror sites, please share them in the comment section below.

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