Car Insurance in the USA: The Essentials

Traveling to the United States requires a lot of planning. It’s more than just a couple of things that you will want to figure out before you go there. First of all, you will probably need to get a visa. Then you will check out the accommodation options the most suitable for you. Finally, you will need to decide on your travel insurance plan. Along with health insurance, car insurance is one of those primary things one needs when traveling in America.

Unless you are going to the US busiest cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Houston, you will need a car to move around. Indeed, cars are the most common and reasonable transportation option for both residents and tourists. Here are the key things you need to know about car insurance for foreigners in the USA.

Car Insurance Is a Complex Thing

Every car insurance plan typically comes with several coverage options. The coverage requirements for tourists can vary from state to state. However, there is a list of must-haves if you want to drive in the US. Your car insurance has to have liability coverage. If you are found guilty in an accident, this kind of coverage will cover damages caused to another driver’s property and medical care. You will also need physical damage coverage that protects a vehicle you are driving. Personal injury protection coverage, which is optional, will protect you and your passengers.

A Valid Driver’s License Is a Must

Tourists are allowed to drive in the US only if they have a driver’s license issued by the country of their residency. The good news is that you don’t have to get a local driver’s license. Yet, simply having a driver’s license is not enough. To rent a car and drive legally, you will have to have an International Driver Permit. This permit is required to be in English or come with a certified translation. The International Driver Permit can’t be issued to a visitor in the US. So, it is something you’ll have to get done in the country you live in. With a valid tourist visa and an International Driver Permit, you will be good to drive all around the country.

The Driving Rules Might Not Be the Same as in Your Country

There are a lot of international standards when it comes to driving rules. However, some are unique for each country. Before hitting the American road, make sure you get familiar with the rules of the state you are visiting. All the information can be found on the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website. For example, speed limits are a big deal in the USA. It’s usually the most common reason why tourists get very pricey tickets. Knowing the basic driving rules can help you to reduce the level of anxiety on the road which would lower the risk of an accident.

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