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Top 10 Free Websites to Create a Cartoon Version of You

Everybody wants their photos to look different on blogs, social media, and other internet services. Creating a cartoon version of yours is fun and interesting idea to begin with. But, to create a cartoon of yourself requires a great photoshop/illustrator skills. This can be a headache sometimes. However, you can easily cartoon yourself with the help of some amazing sites and make your avatar unique and individual. All you need to do is, Just upload your photo on these sites and run some mix and match. That’s it. you’ll have your cartoons ready that will look comic and funny.

There are several tools to convert your photos into cartoons and the best part is you don’t need to have any editing skills to cartoonize your photos. In this article, I have featured top 10 free websites to create funny cartoon characters. Please check them below.

Be Funky (

It is one of the best sites to create cartoon characters online. Use Cartoonize option and create your cartoons to look funny on social media. Just Upload a photo, apply filters and save it on your computer. You can add effects, add filters, graphics, and text to your cartoons. you can also create collages with this tool. (Cartoon Yourself)

Convert your photos into cartoons in just one click. You can just grab the images from Facebook to create cartoons right away. This site not only useful to create cartoons but also you’ll be able to animate your face with different emotions.

Pick a Face (

Pick a Face, is another great site with modern design and cool features. Just click on create the avatar, select language, and at last select either boy or girl and start applying some crazy effects to your photos. You can customize hair, eyes, clothes and accessories etc..

Build your Wild Self (

This is one of my favorite websites where you can create cartoon characters with wild body parts. that means you can add parts of animals instead of yours to create a wild cartoon of yourself. isn’t it cool? You can make some amazing combinations with different options. A must try website to draw your cartoon characters.go-wild-create-cartoons-yourself

Face Your Manga

This site is similar to Pick a Face to create cartoon characters of yourself. Here, you may not be able to create cartoons exactly look like you. But, you can get close results as your face by using Face your Manga. You can see all popular creations by various users on the website.

Creating your own anime character is simple and easy with custom Anime. You can customize hair, mouth, clothes, bubbles, etc. you can create a full body avatar using custom Anime.


It’s one of the best sites to make a cartoon of your photos. You can cartoonize your photo in just a single click. It is very easy and completely free. Just upload your photo, apply some effects and save it on your PC. that’s all you need to create yourself as a cartoon.

cartoon yourself with cartoonize

Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration is a free cartoon Avatar generator. Select any one of the photos in the editor and start modifying your cartoon avatar. Additionally, you can use the generated cartoon characters on your blog or Social Networking sites for free.


AnyMaking is yet another great site which offers several amazing tools to apply on your photos. Make fun with your friends by applying nice effects on photos. You can edit photos, apply fun effects to your photos absolutely free.

Yahoo Avatars

while chatting with someone on Facebook or whatsapp.make your conversation more interesting and funny by using cartoon you create at Yahoo Avatars. you can try new jeans, hat, hairstyles and much more.


Mii create cartoons

Mii is a fantastic tool to create cartoon characters in just a few clicks without any efforts. with Mii, it is very fast and easy to create cartoons. you can use them as avatars on various sites.

Final Words

So, This is the list of top 10 websites that will help you to create a cartoon version of you. Let me know what is your favorite tool for creating cartoon characters below in the comment section. If you liked this, please share it with your friends on social media. Stay tuned for more updates.

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