Classy Jamdani Silk Saree Designs

India is known for its diverse and beautiful culture and traditions. Its admired rich heritage that is also depicted in their clothes has been adopted all over the world. The Indian saree is one example that is worn by many women around the world. There are many varieties of the sarees each with its own cultural significance. The famous Jamdani saree also known as Dhakai Jamdani saree from Bengal has a rich history. Originally from Dhakai, Bangladesh, this saree is made from the finest Muslin fabric.

Jamdani is a Persian word derived from ‘jam’ meaning flower and ‘dani’ meaning vase which suggest the beautiful floral motifs that can be found on the saree. The weaving of the Jamdani sarees enjoyed patronage during the Mughal Empire but later declined with the colonization by the British. However, the Jamdani weaving tradition has been revived and has adopted the modern trends and tastes of the market. The Hindu weavers migrated to India from Bangladesh after the partition of Bengal in 1947 to continue the Jamdani weaving tradition in West Bengal. Weaving one saree is a painstaking and time-consuming process. It takes around nine months to weave one Dhakai Jamdani saree.

Jamdani sarees are made with intricate designs that have attractive batik prints, different floral patterns (butidar or fulwar), geometric designs, diagonal shapes (tersa), paisley (kalka), rectangular motifs (charkona), and polka spots (duria). Jamdani sarees were originally woven with pure cotton. However, contemporary designs of the Jamdani are woven using pure silk or a blend of cotton and silk with more vibrant colours that include the silver and gold coloured yarns. These exquisite handloom Jamdani sarees are highly treasured by the Bengali women due to their unparalleled beauty.

At stylecaret, there are a variety of beautiful Jamdani sarees woven with authentic gold and silver zari to give it a shine. Here are some of the classy designs of the Jamdani saree you can choose from.

Tant Jamdani saree

This Tant Jamdani saree is black and orange with very beautiful motifs on the fabric. It has broad orange borders with modern motifs on the body and traditional mango and bel leaf designs woven on the pallu. This detailed saree is suitable for the office or as ethnic wear.

Muslin silk Jamdani saree

This gorgeous saree is a must have if you want to attract a lot of attention. This saree has traditional Jamdani floral motifs woven into the border and pallu to give it an exquisite look. The pink hue and the cream coloured weave is an exotic combination that you cannot resist. The attractive colours on this saree will make you stand out whether you wear it as ethnic wear, traditional or work wear.

Uppada Jamdani saree

This gorgeous saree is a perfect example of the results from the combination of the Bengali weave and Uppada silk from South India. You can wear this Uppada Jamdani saree to make you look like a queen as you celebrate your special days.

Bangladesh Jamdani saree

This amazing Jamdani saree has a captivating violet color that will definitely win you a lot of glances. It’s made from cotton sheer material that is lightweight and airy with a self-weave and a unique color that puts this saree in a class of its own. Pair it with a contrasting blouse to give you a beautiful look.

Handloom Jamdani saree

The color combinations on this saree are soothing to wear to a hot summer party. This pale blue half and a half and sky blue Jamdani saree have intricate details that are just awesome. You can pair this gorgeous saree with a matching white or blue blouse to give you a stunning look at a party.

Tussar Jamdani saree

The radiance of the Tussar silk combined with the beautiful Jamdani weave gives this saree a radiant and classy look. The upper section of this saree has an intricate Jamdani design while the lower section has a plain beige Tussar fabric with an eye-catching orange border. You can pair this saree with a white or beige colored blouse to complete the look.

Net Jamdani saree

The sheer feel of this red and grey net Jamdani saree has a delicate beauty that gives a floating illusion of the red flowers woven on the body. This net saree will best women with slim bodies who aren’t shy to show off their beautiful bodies. You can pair this saree with a red or grey blouse to give you an amazing look.

Multi-colored Dhakai Jamdani saree

This beautiful multi-colored Dhakai Jamdani saree has vibrant red, yellow, and green colors woven in a block style design. This creates a 3d illusion of the self weave pattern on the saree which will attract many second glances. You can adorn this eye-catching saree to any occasion or a religious event.

Yellow Jamdani saree

This stunning saree is made from the finest muslin fabric that has intricate designs. The Daffodil color on this adorable saree reminds you of springtime. When paired with a white, black or a matching blouse, this stylish saree will give you a beautiful look.

Red and black Jamdani saree with heavy work

The vibrant red and black colors on this beautiful saree give it a rich feel. The elaborate floral patterns and polka dots are woven in golden thread make this saree perfect for any special occasion planned. This beautiful heavy work saree is a crowd puller at any occasion you decide to wear it to.

Jamdani cotton saree with Bengal colors

This cotton silk Jamdani saree is woven with the traditional Bengal colors. The red and green triangular and diamond shapes are woven into the black fabric with the red pallu having large geometric designs to give it a stunning look. The shine from the diamonds will make you look like a star in this gorgeous saree.


The Jamdani saree is woven with the finest Jamdani muslin fabric and unique out of this world designs and patterns that will help you stand out at any event. This is a prized possession to have in your wardrobe.

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