Top 7 Best Horror Movies by Clive Barker

Clive Barker Horror movies

There are lots of people who adore horror themes in many different things around us. Horror movies have never stopped getting their popularity. Some people admit that such kinds of films make them excited much more than any other type of movie. Real fans of horror-themed movies know and respect Clive Barker as one of the most well-known authors and film directors of horror-style films. In this article, we will reveal seven of the best movies created by Clive Barker that make many people’s blood run cold.

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This English man was always interested in the art of making fake horror, and his career started with writing unusual stories on the horror theme. He became a leading horror writer in the middle of the 80s. Nowadays, he is well known not only because of his outstanding books but series, movies, plays, comics, and even illustrations that were shown in many galleries around the USA. Clive is the one to whom the quote Steven King is devoted: “I have seen the future of horror, and his name is Clive Barker.” Let’s see closer at the many different works Mr. Barker has already presented to the world:

The Type of Works The Name of the Works
Novels The Damnation Game (1985); Hellraiser series; Weaveworld (1987); Cabal (1988); Books of the Art series; Imajica (1991); The Thief of Always (1992); Sacrament (1996); Galilee (1998); Coldheart Canyon (2001);  Tortured Souls (2001); The Books of Abarat… 
Plays A Clowns’ Sodom; Day of the Dog; The Sack; The Magician; Nightlives; History of the Devil; Dangerous World; Frankenstein in Love; Crazyface; Subtle Bodies…
Movies Underworld; Rawhead Rex; Hellraiser; Nightbreed; Candyman; Lord of Illusions; Saint Sinner; The Plague; The Midnight Meat Train; Book of Blood; Dread; Books of Blood…

The List Of Clive Barker Horror movies

This talented person and his works themselves deserve every movie to be watched. But it is quite difficult to have so much free time to spend on movie watching. That is the reason why we have prepared a top 7 list of the best horror movies by Clive Barker for you to start with.


This movie is on the top of the list because of its popularity. In 1986 the novel written by Clive Barker appeared under the name “The Hellbound Heart,” and in a year, the first movie of this franchise was introduced to the world. In the movie, there is a focus on the puzzle box, which was bought by one sadomasochist, farther this box appears as the reason why so many people died. This box is meant to be something that opens the way to hell and changes your soul into unforgettable pleasures. All the ten films of this franchise contain this puzzle box in their plot. The cast of the movie includes:

  • Sean Chapman,
  • Andrew Robinson,
  • Doug Bradley,
  • Nicholas Vince,
  • Clare Higgins,
  • Ashley Laurence and others.

Finally, the movie gained success and made many people interested in the franchise from the very beginning up to now. Moreover, this movie was the first where Mr. Baker was not only a writer but tried himself as a film director. It is true to say that a talented person is talented in everything. 


Another movie where Clive Barker was not only a writer but also a film director is Nightbrees, which release was in 1990. The movie is about a man who sees nightmares in his dreams. Meanwhile, murders are being made in the city, and the man is on the list of people who are suspected by the police. All these nightmares are somehow related to the murders, and the man decides to consult with the psychologist, but everything gets even worse. The movie keeps tension all the time of the watch. It is a thrilling, exciting, and time-to-time terrifying creation of Mr. Barker.

Lord of Illusions

This film was represented to the world in 1995, and it is one from the very small list of movies where Clive Barker was not only an author but director. In this movie, there is a detective who watches the illusion show and sees how the group of sectarians cause the death of their leader right on the stage. Finally, he starts his investigation, and the more information he gets, the more deaths happen. The length of the movie is 120 minutes, though it was shortened by 12 minutes by the Motion Picture Association of America, on the video, you may find its full version.

Saint Sinner

Clive Barker was an executive producer of this movie, which premiered on the 26th of October, 2002. This film is about two demons who were let out into the world far in 1815 by two monks by accident. These demons later get to the nowadays and start tempting and killing people. The distributor of the film was Universal Video.

The Midnight Train

This movie gained its popularity in 2008, the year when it was represented to the public. There are not that many people who didn’t hear about the movie, which was based on Clive Barker’s story. The story tells about a photographer who was determined to take photos of some terrible things happening on the streets. Once, some man attracts his attention, and after a short investigation, the photographer finds out that this man is a butcher who kills passengers of the latest subway train that goes right under his shop. The movie has a very unpredictable ending, and it is definitely the one you should watch if you haven’t done it yet. 


The scenery for the film was written by Clive Barker, and it took only 28 days to complete the film’s shooting process. The movie appeared to the world in 2009. The movie tells about students who tried to make the investigation of fear to get a good mark in their University. During the investigation, they tell each other their biggest fears that later start to get into reality.

Books of Blood

In 2009 the film named “Book of Blood” was issued, and this film is based on the Clive Barker stories. The other movie with the name “Books of Blood” premiered in October 2020. The latest book stories film tells about the special book, which is being looked for with the purpose of enrichment. The book tells three very different stories, and each of them is somehow connected with death and blood. 


The horror theme is interesting for many people all over the world. It is developed in books, movies, video and casino games, and many other fields. There are many novels, plays, and horror movies created by the fantasy of Clive Barker. In the list above, we have mentioned 7 of the main movies which can make your heart beat faster. Clive can be also considered as the man who gave ideas to several horror video games and slots, which attract many gamers. The best about these slots is that they may be played with a high roller casino bonus, which gives an opportunity to gain not only an exciting experience but extra money with the winnings.

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