Cool Ideas to Style Salwar Suits Right

Do you have a wedding to attend or a cultural festival to go to? Choose a salwar suit for these occasions for that ultimate comfort of Indian style. This three-piece outfit is the answer if you want to look adorable to most events that you plan to attend. Try out the latest trend that is in the market. Plus, do not shy away from going out of your comfort zone to make a style statement. Since trends are made and changed every day, you can opt for a unique piece. Optionally, choose a lesser-known salwar suit that is yet to be acknowledged. Ensure it is eye-catching and you feel like a fashion diva when you wear it. Choose an exact fit, a shade that matches your skin and one that you can walk boldly in with how it is styled. Here are some cool ideas to style salwar suits right.

Short Kameez 

The kameez is always known as a long tunic that is matched with a salwar. However, with all the fashionable changes that everyone is experimenting with. Nowadays, it is trendier to pull off a salwar kameez of your choice if it fits your fashion tastes. Either they are short kurtas, shirt style Kurtis, collared shirts with ethnic prints among others. Choose one that has the vibe you want to portray. Plus, you can aim to look ethnic and contemporary at the same time. However, this depends on how you choose to style your ensemble.

Cape jackets

The cape jackets are a fashion saves for people who want to play safe with how they dress to their salwar kameez. Not only through this they are also flaunted with modern outfits to make them more trendy. A cape jacket just like the salwar is a must-have piece in your wardrobe. Ensure it is the right pick for your silhouette. Since it matches with anything for it is more than a cover-up garb. For instance, pair it with a beautiful salwar suit, jeans and tops, and others. It is a bold look to carry along for it makes you look stylish as you dress to various looks without flaw.

Poncho style kameez

If you thought ponchos only look good thrown over jeans. Then, you are wrong for designers are out to get more designs for outfits from anything as long as it is wearable. The poncho is a favorite among most women. Either for winter or summer season for you can get them in various fabrics for the different temperatures. They are easily paired with salwar’s but also you can get a poncho-style kameez that is an ideal modern look to the usual salwar kameez look. The poncho look is comfortable and you can play around with its designs and patterns for that excellent look.

A unique neck pattern 

If you are bored with the usual neck patterns, choose a unique neck pattern that fits your body type to stand out in your salwar suit. One, there is a scoop neck design that exposes your neck beautifully. A scoop-necked crop top is also a great option with some adorable dhoti pants. The halter neck gives you the bold streak on your outfit and their chic look gives the whole ensemble a sophisticated look. Choose a shimmery halter neck design with a solid color salwar to pop it out in your outfit. Last but not least, the front Doris and back Doris neck designs need to gain more popularity for you can design it in your unique way. They are a beautiful addition to your salwar suits either as cuts or hanging tassels. Have a salwar suit that has any of this neck designs and you will not regret it.

Match with Phulkari

Since most Indian women have a salwar kameez or two in their wardrobe. Have one with a simple phulkari pattern to it for those traditional events. If you love the attractiveness and vibrancy of the Phulkari pattern. There are several ways that you can use it around your salwar suit. Either on the bottom of your salwar, sleeves of the kameez, or on your. Try augmenting your look in different ways with this pattern. Alternatively, take a phulkari dupatta to balance out your plain salwar suit.

Cut off Salwar’s          


Another cool way to style your salwar suit is by pairing with cut off salwar’s. This also has a lasting impact just like the short kameez. If you try to match with this look for your salwar suit. Consider your height for they come in various lengths. As others are as short as up to the knees. This salwar suit when styled correctly with everything balanced out. It is classy and innovative. Since you can choose the length of the kameez to what you want to experiment with the salwar as well.

Long slit kameez with leggings

As the salwar suits keep on evolving as a stylish counterpart to other Indian garbs. Fortunately, there is a salwar suit for everyone as they get trendier. Although leggings style salwar is worn on any type of kameez. The leggings are best to show off your silhouette and help you make a style statement. Whether it is plain or embroidered, long or short, or a print slit kameez you can pair them with leggings easily. However, with this style, you win over the millennials for it is decent and stylish.

To conclude, a salwar suit as a three-piece outfit, is easy to experiment with one and balance out with another. Whether you want the dupatta, kameez or salwar to stand out. The beauty is you can do exactly that with a salwar kameez. It is a versatile choice for everyone who hopes to upgrade their style. Plus, they are not only loved in India but are getting popular in other parts of the world as well. Create your stylish trend with your salwar suit and look different from others. Accessorize the look well and adorn to it to as many events as you wish.

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