Top 7 Ideas to Drive Conversion with Your Signature

As a marketing tool, an email signature has proved to deliver a cutting-edge analytics value. Make sure you maximize its role and push your conversion through the roof.

Who doesn’t have an email signature nowadays? It was a trend a few years ago, but today it’s a necessity. And I can start telling you how useful a marketing tool it is, and that you can promote your products, increase brand recognition, and boost website traffic. But you already know that, don’t you? We all want real numbers and profitable results because that’s an evident indicator of growth. Here you have seven great ideas of increasing your conversion with the help of an email signature.

1. Promote a new piece of content

Anything you produce can be promoted via email signature. Let’s be specific. Whether it’s a newly added article in your blog or the most recent video you uploaded to your YouTube channel, it will bring you some website visitors, views, and maybe even subscribers. Have you just published a book or issued a fresh podcast? Well, put it out there, spread the news. Create a signature for mail today and advertise your business update in a creative banner.

2. Make use of your social media links.

I bet you want more organic followers for your Facebook business page or new connections to enhance the LinkedIn account? An email signature is a great way to accomplish it. Nice and neat clickable social icons will jazz up your email signature design and increase your conversion.

3. Advertise discounts & seasonal offers

Make sure your email contact list gets all the announcements. Turn a signature banner into a coupon with a discount that can be redeemed by clicking on it. Announce seasonal sales or any other offers, make them personal. You will get not only new customers but also website traffic and brand awareness.

4. Sell tickets to events & webinars.

Get all the spots for your new exciting event sold out. Add a personalized conference invitation to the email signature and send it out with your next campaign. Or, even better, you just do your daily correspondence and spread a word about upcoming occasions without any effort. As simple as that.

5. Benefit from a ‘Download’ button

Share your latest research paper or a case study with a broader audience by adding a download button to your email signature. Such content tends to get lost among short blog posts and reviews, which makes it difficult to advertise. So, a signature is an excellent way to promote the type of content that otherwise could have been easily ignored. Because let’s be honest, we usually are not excited enough about those long reads to look them up voluntarily.

6. Share your schedule

Another interesting idea to let people know your availability is to link your calendar to the email signature banner. If you are an expert in your industry, people are often shy about requesting a meeting directly. They will appreciate your openness and opportunity to book some time with you for a professional benefit. In addition to that, you’ll earn some extra credits for your reputation.

7. Offer a demo version.

Make them feel special and suggest an exclusive demo version of a soon-to-be-launched product. By adding such a link to your email banner, you’ll get new users and quality feedback. It is kind of a strategic step if you think about it because you’ll get to improve and come back on stage, ready for new users.

All in all, you might have noticed that the most significant influence of an email signature is coming from a magic abbreviation ‘CTA.’ Call-to-action is the most compelling aspect of marketing communications, no doubt about it. Besides, there are so many different ways to use it in an email signature. However, the crucial aspect of clickable CTA banners and buttons is that you need to understand their performance. Add trackable links to your signature as a part of your Google Analytics campaign to be aware of its effectiveness.

A unique email signature is an almost autonomous tool that will work even with rare updates. Don’t forget to consider a few more details when designing a signature:

  • Put it in a spotlight with personalization.
  • Online signature generators already considered this, but if you use your mail client editor, keep in mind a fit for small screens.
  • Maintain a visual consistency with your brand; be creative but keep it simple.
  • Don’t forget about the legal restrictions of your area.

Initially, a mail signature is a complementary tool. But it became an essential addition in a digital marketing strategy of any business. So once you start using a signature, you can’t overestimate its real power to drive conversion.

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