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Ebookee Proxy and Mirror Sites – As the Internet is getting much popularity, most of the things we do offline has now changed to online. Initially, The book reading experience has changed when Amazon has released the Kindle device. It has offered free ebooks on the subscription basis model. However, this is just one side of the coin. A lot of users wish to read the ebooks on their smartphones or tablets instead of a sperate device. As with this need, A lot of Ebook torrent sites have emerged. And one of the popular ones is, Ebookee.

Ebookee is one of the largest ebook search engines that allows you to download ebooks directly. What makes Ebookee Special is the fact that it has a lot of unique categories and updates regularly. For example, you can download free ebooks on Academics, Technology, Novels, Magazines, Comics, Research Papers, and College Papers etc. Everyone who downloads free ebooks online should have known Ebookee. Because, the site is so popular and you can instantly search for an ebook by its name, author, Publisher or ISBN code. Ebookee has made it very simple for students who regularly download important PDFs and notes.

Ebooke has become an amenity for many people. They can’t survive a week without the help of Ebookee. If you are one among them frustrated by Ebookee is not working for you, here’s the solution today. As all ebook torrent sites are under violation of copyright laws. Most probably, your Internet Service provider or your Government has blocked access to it. otherwise, the site itself has shut down in your region.

is Ebookee Down Right Now?

Ebookee is up running fine. It was more than 6 days and 21 hours ago the site was shut down for a while. You can the picture below. But, as of now, it is working absolutely fine.

However, you might not be able to access Ebookee. As I told you, It is blocked in your network by ISP due to anti-piracy laws or the Government think that the nature of serving files is not ethical. Whatever the case, you can still unblock Ebookee by using a proxy or VPN software.

However, If the main domain has itself shut down or closed. We need Ebookee proxy/Mirror sites in hand. Then only we can unblock Ebookee. Below, I have provided a list of best Ebookee Proxy/Mirror sites you use.

The List of Ebookee Proxy/Mirror Sites

The Ebookee Proxy/Mirror Sites are the replica of the original domain The proxy Sites have the same torrents, data, and index as the original one, just on a different domain. We can be able to access Ebookee because these Ebookee proxy/Mirror sites are hosted in countries where Ebookee is not blocked yet.

Ebookee Proxy /MirrorsWebsite URL
Ebookee Proxy -1
Ebookee Proxy -2
Ebookee Proxy -3
Ebookee Proxy -4
Ebookee Proxy -5
Ebookee UK Proxy
Ebookee Proxy (Ultra Fast )
Ebookee Proxy
Ebookee Proxy bypass
Ebookee Mirror -1
Ebookee Mirror -2
Ebookee Mirror -3

Your ISP can track your torrents history. You may face some problems with downloading pirated content. So, I suggest you use a VPN while browsing any kind of torrent sites

How to Download Ebooks on Ebookee

Once you register for a VPN service from above. Now, download the VPN and install it on your computer.

Step 1: Once the VPN is installed, Enable the VPN by choosing a country

Step 2: Now Click on any of the Ebookee Proxy/Mirror sites I have provided in the above table

Step 3: Once you click on the proxy sites, it will spontaneously unblock Ebookee and you can see the Ebookee homepage.

Step 4: Now Search for a free ebook or browse through the list of categories to find the required ebook

Step 5: Now click on the download link. It will take you to 4shared/Mediafire/Rapidshare portal. Just download it.

As you are connecting to the internet with VPN, your identity will be hidden. You can safely browse Ebookee torrent site.

Ebookee Alternatives

In case Ebookee is not working for you, or you want to try some other alternatives. Below, here, I have provided a list of Ebookee Alternatives for you to download free ebooks and papers. in fact. some of the Ebook torrent sites probably have the best torrents than ebookee.

1. Freebookspot

Freebookspot is one of the best alternatives to Ebookee. It has around 90+ categories including scientific, engineering, programming, and fiction etc. Like Ebookee, the site is updated regularly with new ebooks. Freebookspot is an absolute treasure for students as it provides a lot of program tutorials and academics.

Official Website:

2. LibGen

LibeGen aka Library Genesis is the heaven for ebook readers. You can find almost any ebook on the internet. The special thing about LibGen is that you can download paid ebooks and tutorials that are not available on any ebook torrent sites.

Official Website:

3. Zooqle

Zooqle is another best torrent site to download free ebooks. Apart from ebooks, users can also download Movies, TV Shows, Applications, Software, Games etc. for free.

Official Website:

Final Words

With this, I am concluding today’s article on how to unblock Ebookee with the help of Eboookee Proxy and Mirror sites. I hope it was helpful.

What do you think? Let me know your feedback in the comment section below.

Please report the dead links to us. We’ll update them as soon as possible. Thank you.

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