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Engagement on Instagram: much more than likes

You must have heard (and a lot) about engagement and this word ended up becoming commonplace. But make no mistake: it is VERY important to your success on Instagram. In addition to explaining better what it is, I also brought some examples of engagement on Instagram for you to forget the likes once and for all.

But what is it?

Basically, engagement is the interaction of people with your page on the social network. It is the thermometer of how relevant or interesting your content is to those who follow you. It’s a simple metric: the more people interact with your profile, the more your content becomes interesting and reaches a larger number of people.

That is: the more engaged your audience is, Instagram understands that your content is good and will deliver to more people. This organic work (where there is no paid publication) is an ant job that takes time but, at the same time, differentiates your company from others and favors customers.

After all, engagement on Instagram will create a link between your brand and your followers and this is what we should look for: relationship. Regardless of your goal, it is very important to create this approach with the follower. After all, today the customer doesn’t just want to buy something, he wants to know who he’s buying from.

This all leads us to the evolution of Marketing, how marketing has changed over time, and how today it is not enough to sell products but to deliver sensations. Anyway, this gives the subject a complete post!

I will still make a very complete post on the evolution of marketing here on the blog, keep an eye!

But after all, if I don’t have to worry about likes, what other forms of engagement on Instagram do people have with me? There are VARIOUS forms of interaction and some companies do not even remember to evaluate or pay attention to them and for this reason, I will bring some examples.

1. Likes in the photo

Okay, I said to forget about the likes since Instagram hid them for good, right ?! But okay, it is still a form of engagement. The number of likes can be a thermometer to know if that post pleased your audience or not.

But remember: many likes are not synonymous with sales. They should not be analyzed alone but in conjunction with other forms of engagement. But one thing is for sure, lots of likes will increase engagement. I advise you to buy real Instagram likes. That way you can save a lot of time building your posts.


“How difficult it is to receive comments!”, You must be thinking. It’s real! The comment is a longer action and this requires a little more interest from the follower in addition to simply enjoying the photo.

To encourage comments you can ask questions, create debates, etc. When creating your content, think about how to encourage people to take this action. Fun posts, which people identify with, make this action easier, especially if you encourage them to tag a friend.

3. Rescue

This is a VERY important type of engagement. If you don’t know how to save posts, I showed you here. People tend to save a post that has important information, tutorial, inspiration, in short, something she wants to keep to consult whenever she needs it.

4. Share the post

On Instagram, the person can share the post of the feed-in his own story or by direct with someone. And many people prefer to share something directly with their friend than tag him in the post.

Or, the person shares the post in their own story and this is a wonderful spontaneous form of disclosure for your brand! The only problem is that Instagram doesn’t let you know when someone does this, only if they remember to mention you in the story.

Start putting these tips into action today! Give the attention your Instagram deserves and if you need a little help count on me!

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