Fortnite Chicken – Where to Hunt and How to Fly With Them

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Fortnite Chicken challenges have become relatively tougher over the seasons and they are centered around hunting and flying with chickens. Players are required to hunt the chickens and fly for a minimum of 20 meters. In this article, we reveal good spots to locate the chickens and explain what to do once you get there.

Where to Hunt Fortnite Chickens

The Fortnite map gives the feeling that animal spawns are random across the area; however, there are specific spots where one can check the spawn routinely. The best places to locate the chickens on the island are the woodlands and grassy areas. You are likely to find a chicken or two roaming around in the wooded and countryside locations, which are not part of the landmark points. There are several chicken-related locations on different areas on the map, where you can pay a visit during the game and complete both challenges.  They include:

  • Chickens east and southeast Pleasant Park
  • Chickens northeast and southeast of The Spire
  • Chickens northeast of Colossal Crops
  • Chickens south of the retail row

How to Hunt Fortnite Chickens

For seasoned Fortnite players, it is easy to get around this challenge. Fortnite is one of the most popular esports games in online casinos where players can watch and bet on various Fortnite tournaments such as the Battle Royale. At casino comparison sites you find the best top-rated casinos, bonuses, and they are all licensed by reputable regulators like the UKGC. Rivaling top casino esports games such as CS:GO and LOL, the Fortnite challenges have become tougher and more competitive. Hunting Fortnite chickens is one of the daunting challenges.

The aim is to hunt for chickens at specific locations and shoot them. In case you end up with a dead chicken, it will be a source of meat for you and helps improve your health. However, you need to be aware that during the chicken hunt there are some, which host an alien parasite which attacks your health. There are several ways you can avoid getting infected with the parasite, such as jumping into the water, shooting, or travelling through porta-potties.

How to Fly Fortnite Chickens

Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, is always looking for new challenges which make this game one of the best esports games in the market. While it is tough hunting for the chicken, it is also harder getting your way around flying them. To fly with a chicken, you have to chase it once you spot it.  However, this can be hard as they tend to sprint so fast when they see you around them. To make things easier, try to sneak up on them, or lead them towards something that will obstruct their paths, such as a building or tree.

You need to be very cautious so as not to kill it. Once you are close enough to the chicken, just grab the prompt button that appears on the screen. It is easier to do this once you are close as opposed to when it flees, as it will be much more difficult to catch up with it. If you are successful in doing all this, you will fly with the chicken like a glider over Fortnite Island.  Flying with the chicken is easy and fun; what is required of you is to jump, and the chicken will cause you to glide for a short distance.

Holding the chickens aloft will enable you to jump higher than normal and you will float back to the ground. To reduce the risk of damage when you touch down, you need to leap from a high point.

If you are not able to achieve the full distance in one go you need to run and jump repeatedly until you cover the required distance. Luckily, there is an automatic notification, which notifies you when it is appropriate for you to stop flying and continue with the match. When you are done flying with the chicken, you can toss it to the ground and decide if it is going to roam around on the island or it will die. You also have the option of eating it to boost your HP.

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