From Twitch Livestream to Casinos: The New Trend in the Entertainment Industry

As changes continue to happen in the gaming industry, live streaming is becoming the most preferred type of online gaming. This nature of gaming is very transient and fast-moving, and it’s normal to get new changes every week.

With the majority of people opting to live in the moment, coupled with the latest preference for instant gratification, live gaming seems to be taking over the gaming scene, due to the instant rewards that it comes with.

From the populous Twitch streamers to the equally popular live dealers on online casinos, the gambling industry has witnessed a lot of growth in this area.

With live streaming, you can be able to play the games in different ways like playing in live casino rooms with other players located in different areas around the world. Alternatively, you can even engage with professional croupiers, or even choose to broadcast your gaming session to the world.

Either way, this category of gaming is becoming more, and more popular, with no signs that it’s about to slow down soon. However, what theory is behind the continued rise of live streaming in gaming?

Twitch as a Medium of Live Gaming

Whether you prefer the latest like Fortnite or a classic version like World of Warcraft, somehow, you will come across a player enjoying your favourite game on Twitch.

The site has over 100 million monthly users, and this figure continues to grow as more and more new titles are released weekly.

The classics category has seen a huge influx in players who are live-streaming games like blackjack and poker. With Twitch, you get to experience all levels of players from the amateur to the professionals.

One of the most attractive areas is the interaction between the streamer and the viewer that happens in the chat box. It is very satisfying for a gamer to be able to watch a professional or their favourite gamer play a game, and still be able to chat with them.

This is one of the most effective ways that has narrowed the gap between celebrity gamers and laymen.

Live Casino Gaming

When it comes to actual live gaming, online casinos have maintained the number one rank as the most addictive form of gambling. Commonly referred to as iGaming (represents poker, casino, various forms of betting, bingo and more and more popular slot games), this form of gambling offers a related gaming environment, away from the tension associated with traditional casinos.

Live gaming is quite popular on online casinos, and many casinos allow gamers to live stream the games in real-time with the help of HD quality webcams.

With Live streaming, games like roulette and live blackjack use a live chat feature. With this feature, you are able to socialise with fellow gamers and real dealers, which adds some real experiences.  You can visit Deluxe Casino Bonus and try a few live dealer games.

Live streaming has attracted even the major companies like Google, YouTube, and ESPN, who also want a share of the industry. For example, YouTube has already launched a live streaming category (YouTube Live), while Google had shown interest in Twitch before it was acquired by Amazon.  For ESPN, they have eSports events, which have become very popular around the world.

Large corporations have woken up to the reality that video game streaming is one of the major areas that they can collect a lot of revenue. As such, things like live casino tournaments have grown in popularity, and this has brought a lot of exposure, which means additional revenue.

With major wealthy corporations joining the industry, the future looks brighter for live gaming.


Video and casino live gaming is still in its infancy stage.  It is still early to conclude what’s next for this industry, but definitely, there are better days to come.

Netflix is the latest to join live streaming services, and this means that the satellite TV subscriptions need to up their game.

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