Hoverwatch Phone Keylogger App for Android, Windows and Mac OS X

A phone keylogger app is a tool that helps in keeping a record of the keystrokes pressed on the device on which it is activated. You can also consider it as a tool for digital supervision of every click and touch on the device along with every conversation and download did through it. You can log or track all the keys of a keyboard in a secret manner by combining all the keyloggers in one app. It will not allow the user of the device to that he/she is being tracked by someone.

What is Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch is a phone tracker that records all the activities performed through a device with or without using the internet. It records call history, SMS, camera, audio, contacts, calendar and location of the device along with activities of social media platforms like WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and Skype etc. for free.

What do I know about Hoverwatch?

While knowing about the Hoverwatch Tracker it is necessary for you to what it is and who can use it. Hoverwatch is a mobile device tracking tool that is designed to track the devices with various operating systems including Mac, Android Phones, and Windows Pc. Hoverwatch can be used as an individualized phone tracking app when combined with phone keylogger app for monitoring all the activities of the user of that device.

Hoverwatch free-phone-tracker can be used by anyone who wants to ensure the security of the person using that mobile phone or want to protect the valuable data on that device. It will also allow you to know if anyone has used your phone when left behind unintentionally.

This app can also be used by the employees as well as the employer of a public or private company who is interested in collecting its data about the usage of the phones within and outside the company for communication purpose.

Parents can also use this app to protect their kids from the effects of harmful social media platforms like radicalization and pornography etc.

What can I do with Hoverwatch phone keylogger app?

After signing up with Hoverwatch keylogger app you can start tracking all the activities on a mobile device operated by any operating system including Android, Mac or Windows. When it is installed on a device it will work invisibly to track all the activities including:

Phone keylogger: It will log or keep a record of every touch and click performed on the keys of a device as well as every conversation and download done through it.

Track Calls: It can also help in maintaining the record of incoming as well as outgoing trunk calls.

Manage SMS: The users of Hoverwatch app can use it to access all the outgoing and incoming SMS, as well as audio and video messages sent and received, ate various social media platforms including Facebook etc.

Track Internet History: IT can also help in tracking the history of the usage of internet through the device it is installed on.

Geolocation Feature: This feature of Hoverwatch phone keylogger app allows you to locate the geographic location of the person carrying that phone through its GPS tracking tool.

Crack passwords: This spying app can also allow you to hack the account of anyone on any social media site by cracking their passwords. You need not to be a technical expert for this purpose.

Application Spy: This mobile tracking app can also be used as a spying application as you can know the location of the phone as well as the activities performed through it including communication and downloading etc.

Track all online events: Hoverwatch phone keylogger app records the information about all the website accessed by the user of your phone. It can also help you know about the browsing history of your phone when it was with your coworker or a friend.

Do I need any special knowledge to install and use the Hoverwatch?

While installing and using Hoverwatch you need not be an expert in using computers. The interface of this app is very easy to understand and use. You can use it as easily as you use other software options on your PC. Moreover, it keeps you completely out of sight by using its hidden mode.

How to use Hoverwatch phone keylogger app?

It is very easy to start using this phone keylogger app. You can sign up for free to open your account to download and install this app on your device. You can start monitoring the phones of your children, employees, and coworkers by adding their devices to your account. You can get all the recorded information about the SMSs sent and received, activities on social media platforms as well as the usage of camera, calendar, contact list and the location of that particular device at a given time.

How legally to use Hoverwatch

Various types of spying software like Hoverwatch are used all over the world since long to track the location and activities of someone using a particular device. Most of the providers of such spying apps offer a legal disclaimer in fine print to criticize the illegal usage of their app. So before using such apps, you should confirm their legal position in your country.

Hoverwatch Pricing Policy

The pricing policy of Hoverwatch allows you to use it in two optional plans:

Personal plan: It allows you to use it to monitor only a single device. The cost of the personal plan is $19.95 per month, for three months you will have to pay $49.95 and for one year $99.95.

Family plan: It allows you to monitor up to five devices at a time. The cost of the Family plan is $39.95 for one month and for one year it is $199.95.

Support Hoverwatch phone keylogger app

This phone keylogger app can be installed on any Android, Windows and Mac device. While installing this app on your device you should accept all the permission asked by the program so that you can use all of its features. It will also help you in receiving all the updates provided by the app service providers to improve the performance of this app.


After going through the review of Hoverwatch phone keylogger app provided in this write-up it can be concluded easily that it is a remarkable app especially for the parents of the children who are ruined by using mobile devices for watching harmful websites like pornography etc. which are not actually meant for them. It also allows the employers to keep a vigilant eye on their workers working at some far of locations by tracking the usage of the devices provided to them for the purpose of communicating with them.

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