How online casinos are penetrating the mobile gaming industry

How online casinos are penetrating the mobile gaming industry


Since 1996 when online gambling began, it has continued to grow across the world. Today, the worth of the global online gambling Industry is over 50 billion US dollars. Experts have predicted that the value of the industry will hit 92.9 billion US dollars by 2023.

One of the reasons online casinos have been able to grow so big is the availability of games on the go. This has been possible through their compatibility with mobile devices. At the moment, casino games are fast gaining popularity on mobile just like many non-gambling games.

Mobile-Compatible Casino Sites

As the use of mobile devices grew across the world, so also did access to internet services grow. People around the world mostly browse with their mobile devices. Since 2011, the use of mobile internet services has grown at a rate of 504%. In January 2019, over 4 billion people were recorded to be active mobile internet users. In the same year, more than half of all online video streaming was done using mobile devices.

The massive use of the internet on mobile devices has made it necessary for many companies to make their website available on mobile. In fact, mobile-compatibility has become a major factor in judging the use quality of a website.

The online casino industry has not been left out in this aspect. Many online casinos design their sites to work perfectly on mobile devices just like they work on PCs. All functions available on the PC version of these casino sites are also present on the mobile versions. All you need to do is visit the site with a good browser on your smartphone or tablet. You can make deposits, withdraw money, play games, and even contact the live support. This enables players to use the casino sites conveniently at any time and anywhere. Examples of mobile compatible casinos include Dreamz casino.

Mobile Apps

Some casinos like 10CRIC go beyond just offering sites that are compatible with mobile browsers, they offer apps you can download to your device. These apps mostly work on all Android and iOS devices.

The apps provide even a faster way of accessing the casino. You can simply access the casino games with a single click. There would be no need to visit the website every time you want to play.

These apps are made to be as efficient as possible. They contain all the features available on the site and allow you to perform all the necessary activities. You can also make deposits and withdrawals conveniently on the apps.

The use of Javascript and HTML5 by Game Developers

When online casino gaming first began, most of the games were only available for the Windows operating system. Players who are interested in playing casinos will have to download the software designed for the system. After a while, some casinos began to offer games on MAC OS too. However, it didn’t take much time before a better solution was found, one which did not require downloading any software.

Casino games providers began to deliver their games using Flash technology. This made it possible for players to access casino games without downloading any software. Furthermore, another programming language called Java which was well suited to cross-platform gaming emerged and this made no download gaming a reality.

With the new technology, it no longer mattered what operating system you used, you could visit casino sites and play the games instantly. It was easier for people who do not like to wait or download anything to their devices. However, for some more years, many players still preferred making downloads as it offered better graphics and many more games.

The advancement in technology continued and another solution called the HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language) was launched in 2008. It had a very huge impact in different areas of the internet, including the online casino industry. HTML combined three major internet languages: CSS, Javascript, and HTML. This made it able to solve the compatibility problems that casinos and game developers had.

HTML5 became accepted by many gaming developers and they were able to create games that could be played on different devices regardless of the operating system. It eliminated all compatibility problems and the games maintained quality whether they were played on PCs or mobile. The HTML5 technology is what made it possible to play games both on mobile browsers and downloadable mobile apps.

This technology has increased the use of online casinos amongst mobile gamers. And it is not only restricted to online slot machines and virtual table games, players can also enjoy live dealer games using mobile devices. Game providers like Quickspin have used the HTML5 to deliver many of their offerings on mobile.

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