How tech is driving the online casino business

The online casino industry has been around for a while. The first online casino was created way back in 1994 during the early days of the internet by Microgaming.

While the first online casino was really basic, it was revolutionary for the time. Over the years, the online casino market kept growing and companies like Microgaming kept up with the technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Who works on the technology behind online casinos?

These days, most online casinos usually buy casino games from established providers like Microgaming, Quickspin, Evolution Gaming, etc. The online casino sites provide the branding and manage the overall business but the underlying technology for the game is developed and maintained by these game providers.

This model is preferred for many reasons. The major reason is that it keeps the costs down for online casino sites as they don’t have to budget for the development of the underlying technology.

Secondly, online casino games these days are highly complex and sophisticated. There are a number of dedicated technological skills required to create an online casino game and requires the expertise provided by the gaming companies.

It would be impossible for any online casino site to develop their own games without creating an entire department of programmers and engineers. This is why most online casino sites in developing markets like India usually offer the same game selection.

What technology is used in online casinos?

Most online casino games are designed using standard programming tools like C++ with the design work being handled by tools like Maya or Photoshop.

For most static casino games, a random number generator (RNG) is used to determine the outputs. For live casino games, the technology gets a bit more complicated as dedicated hardware and software have to be used which helps in creating a seamless and interactive experience between the players and the dealers.

Technology keeps changing and online casino games keep adapting

The world of technology keeps moving at a rapid pace and online casino game providers have been steady in adopting new technologies to stay competitive.

For example, almost every major casino game today works well on all types of devices including smartphones as most of the web traffic is mobile these days. Live online casino games were created to leverage fast internet speeds and developments in video streaming protocols.

Just like any other business that is based majorly on the internet, online casinos have to stay at the forefront of technological developments if they want to survive. Currently, a lot of development and research is directed towards VR and AR which is most likely the next big technology paradigm.