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There has been a huge splurge in cyberattacks and criminal activities on the Internet. This steady increase has caused a malicious impact on websites being hacked and lost control of much of a customer’s personal information. You need to make sure if the website is safe or not before visiting the site. And some sites try to imitate popular portals in order to get your login credentials.

With over 1.5M website scams happening every month, You can never be too careless. It’s critical to check website safety every time a portal shows even the slightest suspicion to ensure secure browsing of the Internet and shopping. Once your data is theft, there can be huge money loss, mental tension, and other ugly things that may happen.

Well, to save you from a really bad headache, here we have listed some of the best is this website safe checker tools below. You can be double assured that you are visiting a secure site and be confident online. Without any further ado, let’s see what are the best website safety checker tools.

is this website safe checker tools

1. Sucuri

Found a potentially scammy website? Check website safety with Sucuri. It’s a free and user-friendly security and malware scanner. They also offer premium services for website owners to secure their own sites as well.

Enter a website address and give it a few seconds. Sucuri will analyze the website for viruses, errors, spy software, and suspicious code. This tool ranks the safety of a website on a scale from “Minimal” to “Critical.” You can utilize this tool to check whether a website is safe or malicious.

Official website:

2. Virus Total

Virus total is yet another free fake website checker tool that Analyzes suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware, automatically shares them with the security community.

With this tool, you will get instant results about the safety of any website. It offers a community score, which shows you if any registered users have left a review about the website. VirusTotal also offers a complete information about the site’s owners. This tool also allows you to scan individual files for malware.

Official website:

3. Google Transparency Report

Google is a popular website without this site, our life will not easy as it now. It is a basic yet effective website checking service. It can warn you about spammy websites that threaten your data privacy.

Something in the URL seems suspicious? One of the deals on an online shopping platform is too much of a steal? This tool will let you know how unsafe it really is.

Official website:

4. VirusDesk

Virus Desk from Kaspersky is a reputable provider of security solutions with over 30 years of impeccable track record. And it also has a fake website checker and virus scanner. Just put the address of the domain in question and get results within a few moments.

Virus Desk checks website reputation and shows you if the website is safe or malicious. But that’s not it. Kaspersky’s tool understands that ads can bombard you against your interest. That’s why it also shows URLs that have a lot of pop-ups and spam.

if there is no available data about the portal, it notifies you about that. So, you can decide if the visit is worth a risk.

Official website:

5.  Talos Reputation

Talos is a thread detection network and domain reputation center. This tool analyzes websites for various threats. It provides a detailed report, which contains relevant information about the site’s background. Talos also shows reputation ranking, blacklist check results, and domain information.

No that, If you found wrong information about a website, you can file a reputation adjustment ticket.

Official website:

6. Norton Life Lock

Want to skip risky sites completely? Well, Nortan life lock will provide you the ability to check the complete details of a website. If the website is safe or not. are there any malicious ads on the website? It is available as a chrome extension. Once you install the extension, the tool will start scanning websites for free.

It defends you from phishing sites and scams on every corner of the Internet. the only drawback is that it makes Norton Safe Search your default search engine.

Official website:

7.  URL Void

URL Void is yet another popular fake website checker tool from APIVoid. It can scan any portal on malware and phishing threats using advanced software. It checks through almost 30 blacklists engines.

URL Void provides site summary, domain info, and other publicly available data. URLVoid also offers detailed blacklist reports for every engine that analyzed the website. Do you like this website checker tool? why are you waiting for. Let’s try URL void.

Official website:

8. PhishTank

Till now we have seen multiple Website checker tools to determine whether it’s safe or not. PhishTank, on the other hand, focuses solely on safeguarding you from phishing sites. It’s an excellent free tool for those who want to keep their login credentials secure. You also can submit suspected phishes and the tool will track down the status of the link.

PhishTank checks a URL in question through plenty of blacklisting engines and databases. You’ll get immediate notification if it is a phishing link.

Official website:

9. Verifakes

Online fraudsters love to forge products from top brands. And brands adore Verifakes for the sheer number of scammers it revealed over the years. This fake website checker has detected over 102640 fraudulent portals.

Verifakes is a must-have tool for those who love shopping. Want to avoid buying fake products? A few clicks are all you need to verify a portal’s authenticity and avoid a potential scam.

Official website:

10. ISITPhishing

Want to make sure you’re not browsing a phishing site? With IS IT Phishing, you can be sure your credit card, other private info remains secure. It is very simple to use. Copy the URL and click “Check” to perform a quick website analysis. This tool notifies you in case the link is compromised.

You might also like IS IT Phishing’s widget. You don’t have to be an expert to implement it on your site. Simply copy the generated code into your site’s HTML. That way, other people can test URLs for phishing threats straight from your website.

official website:

11. Scam Advisor

Scam Advisor is yet another website security checker that checks for any potential risk if it’s fraudulent or a genuine website. Check Scam Advisor before you buy anything online.

There are scammers who are making all kinds of efforts to trap the victims. From fake investment opportunities to online stores, it can guide you in the right direction.

Official website:

I hope this list of Website checker tools will help you embark on scanning the sites. Let me know your favorite website checker tool in the comment section below.

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